The massive success of Justin Bieber’s comeback album ‘Purpose’ is now celebrating its one year anniversary of debuting #1 and staying at top for weeks. We all know that this is the home of a lot of #1 hits at the Billboard Hot 100 like “What Do You Mean”, “Love Yourself” and “Sorry” and it also includes Justin Bieber’s first ever Grammy award for Best Dance Track “Where Are U Know” and even the hottest singles of 2015 including “I’ll Show You” and “Company”. In this album Bieber plays a variety of genres from pop to r&b to edm and even collaborated with different artists that also added to the flavor that the album gives aside from the sick beat that Skrillex and Diplo and other music producers made, the album also unveils more of Bieber’s talent and vocals, falsettos and runs. He also addressed different messages through this album that gain him his new admirers and the reason why the old fans never left him.

So for this review I’m gonna talk about the songs from the album aside from the singles, the songs that is desperately needing your attention, desperate in a good way that it is just waiting for you to hear it, so take the chance and listen to it. Let’s start with the song “No Pressure” the song was collaborated with Big Sean, the second collaboration they made. “Calm down, don’t rush no pressure.” with the sleek beat and flawless rap by Big Sean it definitely became a favorite of mine the first time i heard it. The song talks about second chances in a way you wouldn’t be crying yourself at night but instead dance to it and hoping. Next song is “The Feeling” with Justin’s voice together with Halsey’s it just gave me the Kidrauhl feels (that My World younger Bieber phase). “Am i in love with you, or am i in love with the feeling” sometimes we get so overwhelmed with what we call love that we ourselves get confused if its real or not. The song is just perfect with the way it sounds over all it makes you feel like you just want to fall in love and embrace all the danger it comes with it. Another one, “Children” the song with the one of the most intense message of all. Talking about children, like how we could help and change for them is really inspiring. What people don’t know is that Justin is very close to children especially to his siblings and that for sure i know that this song has a piece of his heart, plus the beat that was made by Skrillex was just insane and you just wanna dance to it and say that ‘hell yeah, we’re children! (and Bieber made a song for us lol)’. The next song is “Been You”, that upbeat-pop that makes me remember about the Believe era and somehow makes me feel like a teenager (well i am still) but it just sounds so pop that i liked it. You know that one song that you like but you have no idea why, but you like it anyway that is how this song works. Remember the part of this article where i said i’m not gonna talk about the singles but what the hell the next song is “Company”. The chill sexy flirty vibe of this song is what i love about it and Justin’s vocals here is heavenly. Plus this is the theme song  of Jailey (Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber) and as a die hard shipper this song reminds me of how they look cute together forever. Lastly, “Purpose” of course. With all that happened to Justin’s life the past years, him staying strong and finding his way back and not leaving us, his fans, it is what i’m truly proud of. There’s a reason why this album is called ‘Purpose’ and i am would be forever grateful that he found his strength in him and just grew much more and now he is not afraid to all the things that scares him but take brave actions on it to prevent him from experiencing the dark side of this industry again.

1 Year after here we are, Justin Bieber back on the scene, not just back but he slayed all the comebacks with the undeniable success of ‘Purpose’ album and it is continuing to let every one know their purpose and now going all around the world as “Purpose” The World Tour. The International Pop Sensation is known by his Teen-Pop-Radio-Beat-Teenage-Girls-Swooning music that also gave him the name, but his comeback album paved the way for him to be known that the music industry really needs a Justin Bieber.

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