Korean Drama's Something everyone is guilty of watching every night with its different variety of choices for example 3 months ago for me it was 

Monday - Tuesday Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Thursday - Friday The K2

with this addiction comes late night marathons buying 2-3 PLY tissues because of crying after finishing a TV drama from a Korean PD nim.

Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo for example from experience i have watched the final 2 episodes all together in one because i can't handle the pain of it all. I was like "Haesoo Yah! why did you have to die? WAEYO?" and when the scene that she saw all of the paintings in the exhibit and she was "I'm Sorry i left you alone" I cried because she remembered all of it. And in comes wang so oppa saying "If we are not from the same time i'll find you my dear soo" i was melting to my knees. I have yet to know why the scene of them meetig was cut by SBS. But they do have a DVD release for this and i suggest buying it too Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Marathon and Ice Cream again this time with the 2 extra episodes (BTS i think).

Now with the K2 since its not done i haven't gone on binge re watching yet! not just yet i have yet to get rid of my scarlet heart ryeo withdrawals.

They Have newer drama offerings now and i suggest watching that to experience the seesaw of feelings you'll get from watching them. Here's a long list of dramas you'd love to watch after these two.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo this drama stars our favorite thirteenth prince Nam Joohyuk Oppa! (For those not over the scarlet Heart Actors)

Legend of the blue sea this stars the ever so handsome Lee minho (Drools forever) and the pretty Jeon Ji Hyun unnie, you guys might remember her from my love from the star!

Goblin which stars the one and only Gong Yoo oppa, you might have remembered him from Train to Busan! Kim Go eun, Lee Dongwook oppa (Drools again) and Yoo In na.

There are more drama's to watch over for but weather you watch'em all in one night of marathons, you'll love it!


Published by Kimberly Anne See