Kanye Effect?!?!?! What!!!!!

If you haven’t noticed already it is as if when Kanye puts on a shoe or an article of clothing the price suddenly sky rockets or it becomes really  popular.

The most obvious reason for this is that Kanye is Kanye. Being well known in both the music industry and the fashion industry he often sets trends in fashion.

When Kanye puts on a pair of shoes that are currently unpopular and is seen in public with it people suddenly jump onto that shoe. For example when Kanye put on the Airmax 90 USA the prices jumped from affordable to over priced for a pair of airmaxes. Another time this has happened is when Kanye was seen on multiple occasion rocking the Adidas Ultra boost.


Do you believe this is true? yes? no?

I believe that it is true for what shoes or sneakers Kanye is seen wearing.

~ Dr Bear


Published by Bear Squad