The summer is the time the majority of us take our holidays or vacation and many busy workers just want to relax. Reading on the beach, or with a great view when you have all the time in the world is a perfect thing to do.

This is one of my favourite genres- crime and detective.  

I initially chose this book because it is set in my part of the world, North Wales, where the author also lives. The crime happens in the seaside town of Llandudno and I also offer you another beach read, Behind the Music.


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Genre: Crime/Mystery/Thriller/Detective

A gruesome exhibit…

When the dead body of a woman is found on public display, the murder scene bears all the hallmarks of a famous work of art. DI Ian Drake knows he is dealing with a very creative and intelligent killer – one who enjoys having their work showcased for all to see.

A gallery of death…

As more murders take place, each copying a famous work of art, Drake faces a murderer who always seems to be one step ahead. And when one of the suspects is revealed to be his own brother, the pressure mounts…this case just got very personal.

The portrait of a killer.

The art world is small, but the murderer’s ego is too big to hide forever. Drake knows he is getting closer to unmasking the culprit, but can he stop the killer before their grand finale – and a very public murder

Is it a Series?

Yes, this is book 4. The others in the series are:

Brass in Pocket
Worse than Dead
Against the Tide

How easy is it to read?



Kazz’s Review

Before I began to review books, I read a lot of series and concentrating on a few favourite authors who I knew wouldn’t let me down. Karen Slaughter and Patricia Cornwell come to mind, although there were others. These days, it isn’t practical for me to do that, although I do like to balance reading for pleasure and reading to review.

I am a subscriber of Stephen Puleston’s newsletter, and as with most authors, we try to give our readers something special. Puleston gave away ARCs (Advanced Reader’s Copy), in the hope that by the time Dead on Your Feet was released there would be some reviews.

I’m not a big fan of deadlines either and before I hit the download button I wanted to be absolutely sure I could read it by the end of the month, as requested. I downloaded it for two reasons two reasons. One - it is set in Wales and the other was because it looked interesting and I hadn’t realised it was a series. By the time I found out I was reading book 4, it was too late, I was hooked.

Luckily, Dead On Your Feet is a standalone novel. You do not need to read the others to understand the characters or the story line. However, if I had my time again, I would start from book 1 and make my way through each of them. I still might, because I would imagine they are all standalone and, importantly, a blooming good read!

The main character, Detective Inspector Ian Drake is neatness freak, but not so much that it becomes annoying. I did wonder further along the book whether this issue was addressed in previous stories and in this one, it was enough to keep him interesting. He also has an ex-wife who h for has their children and this was a good storyline alternative to the investigation. Drake’s wife does not understand when he has to cancel taking out the children because of police business, and there is a friction between them.

The Inspector has a new sergeant, a girl who had been promoted and eager to fit into the already established team. She does, and Drake seems to like her better than the previous one. I liked her too.

The storyline was traditional, police hunting a killer, but it is the details that set it apart. I really enjoyed it and loved how it was set in places I knew. Drake often hit the A55, the main arterial road through this part of Wales and one I regularly travel on.

Llandunno has a promenade and a pier, one I’ve visited several times. So when the police hear of a body on the pier and race to investigate, I am right there.

If you have never been to Wales, or are not familiar with this location, you will enjoy it just as much as the descriptions bring this beautiful part of the country to life. Which is more than I can say for the victims!

I didn’t guess who the killer was, but I rarely do. I just sit back and let the story roll over me. It’s a great plot with all the ingredients you would expect from a crime thriller.

I have to say, the biggest kick I had was the author comes from Trearddur Bay, which is the about 10 minutes from where I live. I often stroll by the sea and come back to the car to the read for a while. It is more than likely Puleston also walked the same steps and looked at the view as he was forming the story in his mind.

So for the summer months, take your crime down the beach and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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I am also the author of seven books and for the beach, I would like to share with you one of my themed short stories collections.

Behind The Music  - six fictional short stories set in the past.

The burnt out rock star trying to find himself, the local boy made good, the artwork illustrator who has a secret, an interview with a successful female band member, and a fairy tale with music at its core.

Find out more and read a sample here. 

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