The social networking platforms have magnificently gained popularity across the world. The post-millennial generation dedicates most of their time to the social media apps and instant messengers which allow them to stay connected to their fellows. The researches indicate excessive use of social media by younger children who spend more than eight hours using social networking apps. While these socializing platforms allow the users to get introduced to the people across the world, these social media sites also expose the users to several potential dangers. The kids who spend most of their waking hours to social media and dating apps are more vulnerable to cyber-bullying, online child predation, scamming, cat-fishing, sexting and other online crimes. The parents of the post-millennial generation are needed to supervise the social media use of their children to safeguard them from the terrible menaces of this technology. This article discusses how parents can keep an eye on their kids’ Facebook using spy app.    

What is Facebook Spy App?

Facebook is currently the most popular social media app having more than 2.2 billion active users. The social networking app allows users to exchange messages, make audio and video calls, share photos and videos and post status updates. The popularity of the social media app has attracted bullies, molesters and pedophiles to the network to access and target victims. The unsupervised and unbridled use of the application makes teens and tweens more vulnerable to harassment and sexual abuse.  

The technologists have developed spy application to supervise the use of Facebook app. Parents can take advantage of the Facebook Spy app to remotely monitor their kids’ social media activities. The app allows tracking the Facebook messages, statuses, posts and almost every activity.

How does Facebook Spy App Work?

Facebook spy app works by installation on the monitored mobile phone. Once you subscribe to the spy software, it can be downloaded and installed on the Android mobile phone of your children. After installation, the spy app syncs the data stored on the phone including the data related to Facebook app. This is uploaded to the online control panel of the spyware from where parents can view and download the required information. The data synced by the spyware app includes Facebook messages, photos, videos and audios as well as the other information related to the mobile phone use.

What Can Facebook Spy App Do?

The surveillance software performs multiple tasks to remotely monitor and manage the target Android phone. By using the Facebook spy app, you can monitor almost every Facebook activity of your kids. Read on to know what this application can do to help you protect your kids from the dangers of the online world.

Monitor Facebook Messages

Facebook messenger allows users to exchange messages containing text, photos, videos, audios, stickers, emoticons, links and other files. The Facebook spy app lets you monitor all the messages received and sent by your children via Facebook app. It gets access to the messages stored on the phone and deleted from the phone memory. The synced messages get automatically uploaded to the online control panel. This information enables parents to detect bullying messages and other suspicious activities.

Monitor Facebook Calls

The surveillance app lets you track the Facebook calls of your children. It shows Facebook call logs to let you know from whom your kids have received calls and to whom they have made calls. It also lets you detect frequent calls from unknown sources.

Monitor Facebook Photos & Videos

The social networking platform allows users to exchange photos and videos with their buddies. The Facebook spy app lets you view and download the photos and videos shared and posted by your offspring.

Record Facebook Activities

The Facebook surveillance app lets you capture every Facebook activity of your children with the help of screenshots. The application offers on-demand and real-time screenshots to record every single activity performed on social messenger. The app captures screenshots with an interval of 3 seconds which makes it possible to record every Facebook event.

Monitor Facebook Friends & Followers-lists

The spy app for android enables parents to monitor friends and followers lists of their children. It lets them keep a close watch on the social circle and online friends of their offspring.

How to Get Facebook Spy App?

To get your hands on the Facebook tracking app, you need to subscribe to the surveillance software. First, visit the official website of the tracking software and get yourself registered. Purchase the Android monitoring package and get the activation code of the software. Download and install TheOneSpy Facebook tracking app on the mobile phone of your kid and start monitoring the activities performed on the device. As well as Facebook, the spy application also lets you monitor Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Tumblr, Tinder, Kik and many other popular social networking apps.  

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