Whenever I see little children in a store or on a busy street they are invariably holding the hand of an adult.  If it is in a strange place, often the child is more than just holding the hand, they sometimes have a death grip on the adult and it is obvious nothing will make them let go.  I think we can learn a lot from this attitude.

    John Lane penned these words.  “Keep close to Jesus, keep close to Jesus, Keep close to Jesus all the way; By day or by night never turn from the right, Keep close to Jesus all the way.”  If we would follow this advice I’m sure we would not only feel more secure, we would be more secure.

    There are many instances in the Bible where sick people fought their way through a crowd to get to Jesus.  They had to shout to get to Him and push others aside.  They did this because they knew that when they got near Him, their disease would disappear.  This needs to be our attitude through life.  

    In good times and bad, we need to strive with all our might to stay as close to Jesus as possible because it is at His side that we will find comfort, rest and healing.

Published by Ray Richards