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Hey Y'all! How's everyone doing? I hope everyone had a good day, I got some rest but not that much. I had a crazy day! We're not going to discuss what's going on w/ dreamman & i Can't say too much because, he's Shy's #1 fan! You wanna know something I learned ALONG time ago but I didn't really learn until adulthood? Reallly until "dreamman" came around. 

What Sally says about Sue, says a lot more about Sally than Sue.

That's true though. Sally just made herself look EXTREMELY messy, as if she can't keep her mouth closed. Sue is no where around to even defend herself. So how do you handle a situation like this? Do you ignore the questionable information Sally has just given you? Would you run to Sue right away to tell her? Or how about be mindful of what you heard when dealing with her but don't be messy. Especially in high school, & if you are messy, at least make sure you can fight. There's nothing more embarrassing than getting your ass whopped. 

Being messy isn't cute nor is it sexy! Same applies to being Trashy, it can turn the most beautiful girl butt ass ugly. It's normally the snobby, stuck up & ratchet bitches that get trashy. You know the ones that can't handle their liquor in the club, have one girl passed out getting dragged, someone crying and the 2 making out in the background. I hate those attention seeking girls, like really? Go buy some self esteem instead of Starbucks hoe.  SMH earlier someone posted an article & it had something to do with girls kissing girls and when you first came on the sight, that's all you saw. Just


Ugh,  COME ON, not that I have any problems with gays, just get that shit out my bed and away from me, & do we have to broadcast it on the front page? Can we add a LateNight XXX section or something? Idk it's just my opinion but my work is published here as well, I think my opinion, along with the opinion of every other author is important. ​

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