"no way, you actually have that?" I wasn't talking about syphilis or some other rare jungle disease but rather something I'd heard of but never encountered in the flesh (that isn't to say that I've seen syphilis or rare jungle diseases in the flesh either).

I'm not sure how the topic arose but we were talking about motivation or some crap and then they drop the "I'm terrified of lying on my deathbed and being filled with regret" now this is one of those things you hear all the time on the Internet and I've said it a few times but it's definitely not a concern I actually have at this point but here was someone who actually does have it. 

The topic of today's post is regret - or just trying to change or justify the past. 

Theres one thing that's kinda certain - can't change the past. I think quite a lot of people (including myself) think that if you complain enough about the past it eventually comes back or it magically changes itself. 

There's one thing that's certain in the current world - time travel doesn't work. Whatever has happened has happened and there's no changing that. This post isn't about me being mad I caught syphilis because I definitely don't have it (not those jungle diseases) but rather a warning to myself and others that trying to posthumously decide what happened is pointless and prevents you from actually doing anything in the future when you spend your whole time bitching about the injustices of the past. 

Sure learn from it, that's important but don't let the thoughts of it pre occupy you forever. 

That's my little rant of the week over and just remember future Kevin - no use crying over spilt milk. 

Published by Kevin Li