Waves Don't Die (Sometimes)

Shouts to Kanye for the title idea. I want to talk about what I seek in brands and the certain aspects that hold my interest; whether it be an established business or a small start-up. I think what most people seem to be missing when looking for certain clothes are an actual appreciation for that certain brand. In other words, brands are losing their original purpose. For instance, brands like "Supreme" are still committed to their original mission to provide skaters with great skating equipment and apparel- however, consumers otherwise known as “resellers” seem to be killing that purpose. Highly sought-after items that range from apparel to accessories would be sold out in seconds due to the heavy traffic (line-ups that wrap blocks, bots?); therefore people who desire a particular item would often have to pay resell. There's also another streetwear pioneer, "A Bathing Ape" and sadly the founder - Nigo - left because of what the brand has become over the years they've been established. Anyways, that's not my point- if yet you haven't received the message I’m trying to convey, it's that brands are losing their main purpose. These days, only a select few have actually started waves that I can respect them for and a promising movement in hopes of spreading their message across the globe. Brands such as "FTP" (F*ck The Population) and "Do Good" are just a couple of brands to mention. However, to keep things short I will elaborate on them not now but soon.



I understand that you've probably noticed this blog was cut shorter than usual- let's hope this doesn't happen again. As always, thank you so much for reading- the ride will be fun, educative and entertaining. Hope you enjoy the rest of my blogs to come and please don't forget to keep up with my personal blog as well as to share, like, and leave some feedback! 


Ask yourself, what brands do you value most and why? Is there a specific image that brand is conveying? Are there any suggestions you can make to improve their business? Comment in the 'comment section' below or leave a comment on my Instagram. 

Published by Antonio Velarde