Just a quick little blog about the criticism Robo-Rubio was spouting off about this weekend and today in his near perfect repetition of his campaign points. Yes, I agree- if it wasn't coming from a person who is dead set on ruining America as we know it, I might just as well support him. 

Can you believe that the Dems want affordable health care? Lower cost College? How about that crazy notion that one person gets one vote? 

Can you believe the audacity of some of the "progressive" candidates to say some of those things when we all know America was bought and paid for by a small percentage of Billionaires? 

Im being sarcastic if you couldn't tell. 

But it underlines the point how out of touch Rubio and the Republicans are with the American people, and Rubio is stupid enough to not just be wrong in what he is saying once, he repeats it over and over again and as he puts it, he'll pay people to say it for him because maybe if someone else says it maybe it wont smell like the crap that it is. 

Well Mr. Rubio, I for one think college should be free, and healthcare is a right. And women deserve equal pay for equal work, black lives matter and the 99% of us deserve to live in an America that is not rigged by billionaires and lobbyists. 

So when you indict the people who are saying those things as being off the mark, you are driving more and more voters to the Dems, and quite frankly right into the arms of a certain senator from Vermont. 

And that's just fine by me. Because while you are so far out of touch its funny, and even if the ideas you are spouting are memorized, you are doing a service to America by driving a cause I believe in, by being a total anti-barometer for the undecideds who have a conscience and an understanding that the Republicans have totally lost touch with the American people. 

Published by Christopher Richard