Hi everyone and happy September!
Despite the fact that school is starting soon I am more than excited for September! My summer isn't over yet with a trip to Budaparest coming in a couple of days as well as a few more exciting things to come! Today's weather is just gorgeous but unfortunately my plans togo out for some jogging were ruined due to the fact that it's already noon lol..But anyway, here is today's outfit!
I was ( and still am) in the mood for a skirt outfit and this is why I paired this cute grey skirt with a beige blouse with gorgeous details. Everything about this blouse says it's expensive but in reality that's not true. It's just that such materials always leave such impression. Moving on to the heels- the ones from my "Serious" post, they are simply one of the comfiest pair I own and always bring a cool feeling to the outfit. To finish it off, I wore this amazing blazer, which not only adds some colour but it also brings all the attention to it.

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Photos: by Michail Bratanov 
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