After leaving yet another doctor's appointment, it finally clicked, this is my lifestyle now. This is how I will continue my life for the rest of my days. I will be healthy. I will exercise. I will take care of ME!

If you remember, I was a pincushion the other week for my micro nutrient and food allergen tests. Results were in for my food allergen and MTHFR. For some reason, the food allergen test is so intriguing to me. They take my blood, test it with 300 different foods and chemicals and if my blood cells swell or show signs of inflammation that indicates a reaction. Lucky for me my blood didn't react to too many of my favorites. Come to find out I am now cutting out  10 things from my diet. I do get dairy back, though! Oh, my beloved cheese (just no cheddar)!

Now the big one, MTHFR. Unfortunately, yet fortunately, I do have two gene mutations, heterozygous. That means that I do infact have MTHFR. Knowing this now explains so much of my past experiences. In a very short description it means that my body is unable to detox itself. My body can't metabolize Folate or Folic Acid. Learn more about it here. Though potentially very dangerous and has numerous symptoms it can be maintained by staying educated and being conscious of what you put in your body. 

Knowing that I am FINALLY getting answers, feeling better, making changes and starting to regain my life has been an huge relief! I want you to know to never give up and keep fighting for you. You only get one body, one chance, take care of it and treat it as such! If you think that there is more to be answered than what your physician is telling you, there probably is. Do your research, seek second opinions. Had I not looked elsewhere I would be on 2 different anti-anxiety medications due the doctor not wanting to "deal" with the situation.

The food industry is not out for our best interest. Read labels, be diligent, think about what you are eating or feeding to your family. It is almost a full time job reading labels but so worth it. 

I am almost 2 months into this journey with 4 months to go. I am excited to see what the next four months entail. Follow along on my journey!

Thank you for joining me on my journey and I hope that this helps at least one person. Then all of this will be done for something!


Be Kind. Always. You never know what someone is hiding behind their smile.



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