Keep Trekking

Walking past the frozen statues of my mind
A boy, a man, and lots more all immature
They didn’t know what they wanted 
But they desired me for a moment or two
Lied, tricked, ignored, abandoned, used
Seems I’m bereft of any decent males
No longer an ingenue and yet the pattern persists
No one to woo me, to wine and dine me
No flowers, no candy, no gifts, no billet-doux
I keep looking though I don’t know why
It’s clear I’m cursed for I’m lucky to find a scumbag to see me at all
I push on through the tumbleweeds as they grab my attention
Charming, enticing, intriguing then poof!
They bring me false herrings and dangle false carrots
Alone in the desert I’ll keep searching in vain
As mirage after mirage leaves my soul so drained
Each knife cut penetrates less and less
As my heart hardens and turns to ash
Cocooned in coal a diamond it’ll be
Whence a real love sets the gleam free

Published by Fay