Keeping your bathroom up to date is not an easy task. Sure, you can hop on every bandwagon that comes along, but what about next year, when the world of bathroom design forsakes this trend in favor of something else? In order not to have to worry about this, here’s a short list of bathroom updates you should make in 2018, which are also bound to stay ‘in’ for years to come.

Uncommon wall décor choices

The first thing that everyone thinks about when talking about bathrooms are tiles, both on walls and on the floor. In 2018, it is quite possible that tiles will, aesthetically, make way for bare wall and funky wallpaper. Sure, a bare brick wall is a trend in industrially themed bathrooms, yet, nowadays, concrete is getting more and more popular. The greatest difference, however, lies in the fact that bare wall is somewhat easier to maintain than wallpaper, due to high average humidity in the bathroom. Still, with the right quality wallpaper and a proper air circulation in the room, this shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

Bucket sinks

Another growing trend is one of bucket sinks that add to the more rustic look of the bathroom. Coupled with neutral walls and proper tiles, this can be incredibly easy to pull off. Moreover, due to its lack of reliance on accessories, it can be an ideal style for small bathrooms. Apart from this, going with copper sink or faucets, you can give this bathroom a final touch. Like we mentioned earlier, this too gives you a setting that is incredibly easy to maintain, which seems to be all the rage nowadays.

Wood and stone

Earlier on, we talked about tiles, concrete and wallpaper, however, one of the best ways to make your bathroom truly evergreen (and not having to worry about trend changes in following years) is to stick to basic materials like wood and stone. Outdoor stone tile trend has received massive popularity with people, but little do they know that they can incorporate them in their bathrooms as well, and make it dazzling and more natural.  Moreover, when you wrap up the room with some wooden storage, vanity pieces and wood-like designed appliances, you can truly make your bathroom into something special.



It is in the best interest of every household to invest in low-power appliances, low-flow fixtures and smart technology. This trend is both practical, power/water saving and simple to control and monitor. However, it is also quite expensive to install. Nonetheless, when we talk about design trends, you can make your bathroom look high-tech without having to invest that much in it. With enough led-neon and some reflective surfaces to enhance their effect, your bathroom will look like a chamber that’s more becoming on a Sci-Fi vessel than a suburban home.

Lush oasis

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that your bathroom has a potential to become your private oasis. However, you need to do your best to help it live up to this potential first. You can start with some standard houseplants that are well suited for bathroom humidity and temperature swings. Aloe Vera and Begonia may be the first two that come to mind, while Dracaena is also a sensible choice. Apart from this, you can go one step further and purchase a moss bath mat, which adds quite a bit to your bathroom’s aesthetics. It gets even better, seeing as how this mat uses only the moisture that comes down your body after a bath to grow.

In conclusion

Another upside of these trends lies in the fact that each of them, apart from being visually pleasing, also requires a low level of maintenance. In other words, pursuing these design tricks, trends and ideas, you can finally feel like a master of your own bathroom, instead of its slave. This room is a part of your domain and you need to start showing this in the best way you can.


Published by Victoria Lim