I'm more then happy and proud to write my first article about a great customer project which we finished before midsummer this year. Our customer Kehittämispalvelut Annika Juonela Oy approached me during April to discuss a renewal of her website design and so our journey started. I'll give you the key points of were we started from and what we ended up with. It's also a personal growth story for me and with I must say that I learned a lot.

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We held our first meeting where we would paint the picture of what it all would look like in the end. I've always been the one to paint the big picture first and then going down to the details. Website itself was pretty much unchanged for the past 7 years and there were some key issues we needed to be address during the renewal.

We started the discussion on the ambitions Annika had and after several hours we already had rough sketches drawn out. During our conversation the project scope had grown from just redesigning the website to also cover a logo and video interviews.

During the project we sat down often, but also called/sms/emailed to exchange ideas that were popping up all the time. We ensured communication was rolling in a productive way. I challenged Annika and visa versa and the digital makeover is the end result of our good communication. From the GIF below you can see how it looked before and after our transformation:




I'll be honest with you.. I don't know where does a salesman's responsibility start and where does it end. And to be perfectly honest I'm not sure if I even want to learn what are the usual expectations. In this project I got my satisfaction by doing project management/coordination, sales engagement, account management,  and bid management.

  1. Sales engagement
    • Customer meeting in the beginning and after finishing the project to ensure what was ordered --> Was actually delivered.
  2. Project management/Coordination
    • Coordinating and managing the whole project and to ensure we doing it according to the plan. I use SCRUM for my project management, but also for my sales activities(more about that later on).
    • Distributing tasks from customer meetings for production.
  3. Account management
    • I believe this part is quite close to sales engagement, as I am the person who ensures customers voice is heard and it conveys then to requested actions.
  4. Bid management
    • This project included also video production and as part of the contract we took the responsibility to find the best and cost efficient partner. So we handled the bid management for external 3rd party video production company and found the perfect one. 

I might be reflecting too much what I learned in my previous work and how things are handled  in a big corporation vs a smaller company. I'm in the learning path here and these are my thoughts and observations. Let's see in 5 years what are my findings and how these writings reflect then.

I've heard stories from customers who say that after agreement has been made the salesman disappears completely from the picture to pursuit new deals.

"Let's not wash our hands after getting the deal done, in that I believe we can all relate to!"

I feel that having one person towards the customer is a great asset, as you are then both up to date and don't have be afraid that something is lost in translation. This work method was great for our our project, as I could utilise my skills more broadly to ensure high customer satisfaction. Perhaps that's why my title isn't Salesman --> It's Chuck Norris because he makes things happen.


We had a small team working on the whole renewal, as it was me and our graphical designer Jun Ma who did all the hard work behind the website itself. Jun is a real talent and he brought our rough sketches into real life with 100% accuracy. He always found new ways to ensure customer expectations were met and over-exceeded. So a big thanks Jun for our first project together, looking forward to seeing more of these :)

Pioneeri Production was chosen as the partner who will do the customer story videos. We met with Christoffer Anttila and Annika Juonela one time together to plan everything related to the videos and as looking at the end results ---> They fitted just perfectly to the website itself.

Fujitsu Finland was chosen as the customer who would be interviewed for the videos. Fujitsu Finland was very cooperative and we had the privilege of getting an interview from the Service Director of Nordic Service Desk Janne Kalliomäki, Team Manager from Service Desk in Helsinki Jaana Marin and also Service Controller from Service Desk Helsinki Henri Lemetyinen(Sorry Henri, couldn't find you on Linkedn). These videos all bring down the essence and ideology behind the continuous cooperation that has been growing  between Annika and Fujitsu during the years.




Annikas youtube channel which features all videos


Annika wanted to give also her comments to this post about our joint project.

"Juha and mFabrik handled the whole renewal and digital makeover project superbly and the end result is just stunning. I received stunning new website, but also a logo which I never had before and videos to finalise the whole package. Juha handled a lot of the work which usually is handled by a multitude of different people (project manager, salesman, account) and now I understand what the Chuck Norris means behind his title.

Juha challenged me to keep things simple and we ended up having 3 points in majority of topics. So if you look at the website again, look for 3 methods, videos and etc.

Juha promised me that he and mFabrik will deliver the new website before midsummer and I must admit that I had my doubts. Results count and the website was completed right before midsummer, as promised, and I believe it was because of Juhas strong commitment to ensure everything is done. Juha always said that he will handle and not a single promise was left undone.

Last but not least is the energy and enthusiasm Juha had along the project. Juha is able to get people excited just by being himself and usually being excited gives you great results. "

Annika Juonela


Thanks Annika for your great comments and it's an privilege to have worked with you on this project.

Published by Juha Petteri Falck