Anchors come and go - Megyn Kelly's ratings are at the top of the totem pole and yet it is difficult to understand why she appeals to many Americans.  Is it her looks, her intelligence, her expertise as a journalist or is it merely the content on her show nightly that intrigues viewers.

Many American viewers seem to look for dirt, immorality and gossip and Kelly knows exactly what type of information intrigues her viewers. Kelly will do whatever it takes to increase her ratings - she's honed the art of phony journalism and unabashedly will use her guests as guinea pigs.

Megyn Kelly is still trying to explain away her obnoxious attempt to do a character assassination on Donald Trump.  This lady anchor obviously decided to chastise Donald in front of a huge viewing audience.  It was all about ratings and power – but her strategy backfired and Roger Ailes quickly shuffled her off on a 1 ½ weeks’ vacation. 

She said, "I have a tough job to do, which is ask tough questions."  Viewers have to make their own determination if in fact Kelly’s first question was fact based or was it embellished by Megyn due to her intense dislike of Trump? 

She exposed herself as a manipulative power seeking anchor who has acted in a very childish manner.  Megyn doesn’t seem to like men in general. She’s chastised Rand Paul, Dick Cheney, Mike Huckabee, Karl Rove just to name a few of Megyn’s victims. 

Megyn Kelly’s behavior invites a lot of questions about her position as #2 anchor on FOX News.  Her journalistic skills leave a lot to be desired; she will do anything to increase her ratings. 

Look at the manner that she demoralized the “Duggar” family – it was all about ratings.  By the time she finished with the “Duggars” the entire family had been dissected and exposed - no family should have their dirty laundry spewed all over National TV just for ratings. 

Megyn always brags that “she has no horse” in the race, but that isn’t true.  She always has a horse in the race and she makes sure all of the other competitors are handicapped. 

Perfect example of this is the fact that she wants to do an up close and personal interview with Hillary Clinton; Megyn adores, admires and almost seems to worship Hillary.  Megyn knows if Hillary accepts her invitation for an interview, her ratings will sky rocket!   Remember it’s all about ratings and Megyn knows a slam dunk when she sees one. 

The blond bombshell with the “better than thou” attitude is still trying to “knock out” Trump night after night.  She’s definitely lost her composure and is still holding a grudge against Trump.  Funny thing is Trump is still high in the polls and he’s not losing sleep over Kelly, but Kelly is losing sleep over the “Donald.”

Outside of her husband and Howard Stern, Kelly would remind one of a “man eating” tiger in a slinky dress and high heels.  Just watch this youtube video with Megyn and Howard Sterns – it pretty much tells the whole story about who Megyn Kelly really is… 

Here’s 2 videos - Kelly’s interview with Howard Stern and the Doctor of Common Sense.

A Pretty Face Gets Old... A Nice Body Will Change...But A Good Woman Will Always Be A Good Women...


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Published by Marcia Wood