Instagram’s nudity policy has been talk of the town quite often in the recent past. From top models like Tara Reid and Pamela Anderson to pop icons including the likes of Amber Rose, Justin Bieber, John Legend, and many more have often pushed Insta’s boundaries. In turn, giving their followers an awful lot to ogle at.

But Instagram, like a diligent parent, goes ahead removing most of such “offensive” pictures. Of course, it must be annoying having your tediously edited picture taken down. Clearly, model and part trypophobic Kendall Jenner had had enough of IG’s moral policing.

Jenner, who’s uploads have come under The Gram’s scanner previously, was finally tired of the social media platform’s uncanny fear of female breasts took to the emoji keyboard to prove a point (no pun intended). She used the pizza emoji to cover up all the “problem areas” and posted this on Instagram.

Not only does this (kind of) prove a point, but is also great for not ticking Insta, while still “free-ing the nipple” (if you know what I mean). And once again, just like that, pizza has regained any lost popularity amongst people.

P.S. Looks like the photo sharing platform is okay with this pizza censorship because the image is still hot and trending on Jenner’s account. Hallelujah!

Published by Hungry Forever