My family comprised of my dad, mom, brother and my grandmother. She was my dad's mom. I never liked her. The reason for that was she was cruel to my mom. My mom was a selfless person. She used to manage her job and as well her home perfectly. She used to be the one who was there to help the moment something happened in my family. But nobody cared about it. She was mentally abused by each and everyone in the family including my dad. My dad was the most loving person but the thing is he loved his mom and siblings more. They used to use him as a puppet in his hands. My mom at times used to tell me about the misery she had to endure in her life due to the constant torments by my grandmother and her daughters. This made me hate my grandmother more. We were the ones who looked after her but I felt that she loved my cousins more. She used to compare me with my cousins. I hated that. She was selfish. I made it a point to ignore her from the life I had outside my house. I never even mentioned to anybody that I had a grandmother. Only those who had been to my house knew about her. Years passed like this.

Two years back she became completely bed ridden and was admitted in the hospital for four months. Later she got better and came home. Things changed a bit between us. Maybe because I had become older. We never fought from then on. A year after that she was diagnosed with cancer. Nothing could be done, no treatment could cure her, because she was too old. She was 86 and was suffering from constant bleeding in the uterus. I felt bad and prayed that God would help her out. That he would give her an early death. From last November on wards she became completely bed ridden again. But this time she lost her ability to speak as well. She had to be looked after like a baby. Maybe I changed. I don't why? I helped her without any complaints. This year in November she died. In a way I was happy for her because she didn't have to suffer anymore.

Other than the fact that I missed her sometimes I never gave a thought about the relationship we shared. After maybe two months after her death I saw a movie Kerala Cafe. It was a movie that was released long before. I used to hear good reviews about it but never felt I watching it. It is a movie that has a number of different tales in it. One among that is the story of an old woman. She is living with her son, daughter in law and her grand children. They are a very poor family. The woman is too old that she doesn't have control over her body. She feels hungry all the time, forgets about things and so on. Her habits make her too much of a burden to her daughter in law. This old woman has a long time wish to go to town, to watch the ocean, see a movie….. She talks about it always and asks her son to take her. The situation in the house worsens. One day her son takes her to the son and fulfills her wish. He knows that he will not be able to support or look after her anymore. He would have to choose between his mother and his wife and children. And he chooses the later. He helplessly abandons her in the theater. He tells tells her to wait there and goes home with a heavy heart. That tale ends with the woman sitting on the street with a cat another abandoned creature from yet another parallel story. That story made me cry for one whole night. I couldn't sleep because in her place I saw my own grandmother. Till then I had seen her and judged her from my view. I never thought from her part. She was selfish but that didn't give me the right to ignore her. That was her character. People are different. If I wanted I could have talked with her and sorted it out. But I never did that. People when they are old tend to behave like children. We are patient with children but web older people do the same thing we get angry. Now I cannot undo anything from my past. She us gone. My grandmother. Now I love her more that I love my parents. But the realization came too late.

That movie changed my view on old people. I love my grandmother now even though its too late. Also now that's what I do when I am free. I help old people in whatever way I can. At times by giving them company, at times by doing different chores for them. There was a time I used to love kids. They were my favorite. But now I love old people more. For kids can be loved by all. But it needs patience to love the old. And yes now I am patient enough, thanks to KERALA CAFE.

Published by Parvathi Vijay