I know what you’re thinking. Pasta is full of carbs, Liam. You need flour to make cheese sauce! You’re a fool!

Well, if you know keto, you probably know there’s loads of ways around this kind of thing. If you don’t, welcome to heaven.


  • 50g courgette

  • 140ml unsweetened almond milk

  • 10g almond flour/5g coconut flour/10g cornflour

  • 36g Red Leicester

  • 1tbsp butter

  • 1/4tsp garlic granules

“Hang on,” I hear you hypothetically saying, “where’s the pasta?” Well dear friends, let me recommend a vegetable spiralizer. I know those in the keto community will have one already, but we just got one and holy cow it is fantastic. A whole new world has opened up to your protagonist here.

My optional ingredients (to bulk it up a bit) were 26g of mushrooms and a frankfurter. Also, the recipe above is probably a wise recommendation regarding the flour. I used 3g of cornflour in the hope it’d be enough (because I don’t own any flour alternatives yet) but I wouldn’t recommend it for keto. 3g of cornflour was 2.5g of carbs, so maybe give the coconut flour a go. Won’t need as much and it’s a LOT cheaper than almond flour.


  1. Make a cheese sauce, as you would normally. Melt the butter in a pan, add the flour to make it into a paste/doughish ball, and add the milk to make a sauce.

  2. Add the cheese and allow to melt into the sauce.

  3. Cut the end off the courgette (you won’t need all of it) and weigh your amount out. Follow the instructions on your spiralizer and turn the courgette into something that looks like thick spaghetti/noodles.

  4. Add the courgette, and any optional extras, into the sauce, warm through for a couple of minutes, then serve.

Honestly, I was sceptical, because I bloody hate courgette normally, but this was amazing. I didn’t have a hankering for pasta, but I was missing some of the sauces. Not any more. I’ve found heaven.

Nutritional information for my version

  • Carbs 5.7g

  • Dietary fibre 1.4g

  • Fat 34.2g

  • Protein 15.2g

  • Calories 393

  • Cholesterol 31mg

  • Sodium 429.2mg

  • Potassium 226.5mg

Bear in mind that I used cornflour, so one of the substitutes would make for less carbs, and yet even with that it’s only 4.3g net carbs. That’s also using a not-very-friendly Aldi frankfurter and garlic granules which are packed full of them. Give it a try your way, and let me know how you get on.

Published by Liam McCausland