A world where everyone will and can succeed, No struggle beyond that of facing the beautiful golden sun in the morning.

If you really want to know, its simple. Your attitude, and before you say it I know "It's hard to think positive with a co-worker like mine" or more commonly "how can my attitude change anything?" The big question. Well lets now answer it together and transform your life for the better.

By seeing the world in a new perspective the world will help keep that perspective after all "when life give you lemons you make lemonade" and your attitude is the sugar . I will not give you any typical examples, instead ill show you the good in any bad most of us face. Job loss as an example instead of stressing about it. You now have the opportunity to follow your dream job whatever that may be, and if that was your dream job then its now time to aim for the next step. Another example would be car troubles. Now you no longer have to look at that one cm stain that you're not sure what happened or how it got there but you dislike it's existence. More likely you can now focus on that corvette you've been thinking about getting and showing off. Convinced? Good. I'll tell you how then I will tell you its rewards.

Other then looking at the good in the bad, you must see the potential in the boring, the exciting in the mundane, and the sane in the insane. I will let you discover my meaning on your own so it'll be much more significant. However I will leave you with an example. Instead of watching television actually watch it, think of what makes up the show you watch, the people, time, and effort think about the exciting of something as simple as a cartoon to see the beauty and good in the world. Now for those of you who achieved that frame of mind (not a Tristam reference) you will see the differences big and little such as: people attitude towards you, everything seems easier to conquer although its difficulty may be insurmountable without that attitude. Options of all kind will come your way and even your daily life will pick itself up. You will be shaping a new life using only your mind. Plus it can increase life span and actually make your body healthier by filling you with energy to face life head on. Brilliant is it not? Now enjoy life and do not forget "Only you rule you".


Published by Artis Camon