A few weeks back I watched this movie and I was hooked from the word go. It is based on the true story of the journalist Gary Webb. After a dealer hands him an important document, Webb decides to expose the CIA and their drug trade. Many people(Including the CIA) advised him against the investigation. He ignores them and lands up proving his theory-that the CIA are well aware of the drug trades and are assisting in the trade in order to get weapons for a war, etc.

Once the story goes viral-the CIA make allegations that the story is false, and do their best to make Webb look like a fraud. The sources state that they never spoke to him and the CIA issue out false reports to “prove” their story and not Gary’s.

In the end, Webb “commits suicide”-Please note that that is a conspiracy and it is believed he was murdered because he knew too much and would continue to expose the CIA for what they really are-corrupt. The CIA also issued a report after his death that the allegations landed up being true and that Webb was right from the beginning.

Jeremy Renner portrayed Webb fantastically and there was no one else who could of captivated you the way he did. This movie is exactly why I want to be a journalist. It shows you the true nature of what happens behind closed doors. It shows you that you shouldn’t be afraid of exposing the truth.

I might just read Dark Alliance and review that-so stay tuned for tha

Published by Natalie Reid