'The Earl of Warwick (Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick) is presiding over a dispute between Richard, Duke of York and the reigning King Henry, in the course of which Henry agrees to make York his heir. The Queen, Margaret, makes it clear that she will not agree to this, and declares war on the Yorkists, with the assistance of the young Lord Clifford and other supporters, including her son, Edward, Prince of Wales.'

I enjoyed this play.

One on the main themes in King Henry The Sixth Parts One and Two is the strong family bonds between the noble families and how those bonds effect their actions. Yet in King Henry The Sixth Part Three, those various family ties become fragile and ultimately threatened. This change in themes really added an extra layer to this trilogy and this play in particular.

No one can call Richard a hero, but as he really the only round character in the play, the other characters seem completely boring, making Richard by far the most compelling character.

Richard is by far one of Shakespeare's most cruel and violent characters, yet his is also one of the most interesting. He is sharp witted and very charismatic, and he draws the reader in through his monologues.

Through his monologues, Richard becomes the most distinctly drawn figure in this play. As his monologues reveal his motivations and desires, we the readers get to know him from his own words.

I really enjoyed this play and the main reason for that was Richard. I am glad that I have finished this trilogy, and I am glad that it ended on a high note.

King Henry The Sixth Part 3 by William Shakespeare is the perfect conclusion the the King Henry trilogy.

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