'King John refuses the demands of Chatillon, an ambassador from King Philip of France, to yield the English crown to young Arthur, Duke of Bretagne. John then intervenes in a dispute between Robert and Philip Faulconbridge over their inheritance.'

I didn't love this play.

The play focuses on some of the historical events of King John's reign. The main conflict in this play revolves around John's efforts to retain the crown. The play deals with  several topics; the danger of invasion, and the debate about legitimate rule being the main focus of the play.

King John is different from other Shakespeare works I have read. It shows the thirteenth century rather than the fourteenth or fifteenth, and this is a stand alone play, unlike Shakespeare's other historical plays.

King John is a history play believed to have been written before 1596. King John was first published in 1623 yet it is thought to go back to a manuscript from 1596 that was copied by scribes in 1609 and 1623. Scholar examinations of stage directions and other analysis of the play suggest that it was indeed written around 1596.

This play presents a different view of English history than Shakespeare's other history plays. While his other plays depicted the infighting among the royals during the War of the Roses. King John focuses on actual historical events, and it does not attribute any meaning or significance to King John's reign. In fact, it at times treats history as an unpredictable collection of events, which become unimportant moments in a wider context.

William Shakespeare is one of the most influential writers in all of English literature and unquestionably the most important playwright of the English Renaissance. Shakespeare's King John is the perfect example of why that is.

King John by William Shakespeare is a must read for anyone interested is Shakespeare's' works.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker