Reason Men Kiss and Tell.

I have come across friends and acquaintances, with varying degrees of sexual experience. I know of people waiting until marriage, and I know of individuals able to have sex, merely because you delivered the right amount of attention. The big fact here is most relationships have issue and problems they face due to certain unanswered questions.

Using Nigerians here as a subject matter, reasoning with an average Nigerian girl you won’t be surprised to hear her say “All men are the same”. Kinda weird right? people like me always spring up questions like

  1. Have you tried all the Men?
  2. Why are they the same?

This brings us to the main reason women thinks All men are the same, because most woman believes all Men Kiss and tell. Apparently, Men do kiss and tell but the question everyone should be asking is do all men kiss and tell, The ones that do why do they indulge in the act?. Below are the possible reasons behind this very act.

kiss and Tell


To Boost Ego:  In general, this is how some males view the subject of having sex, thus the reason some feel the need to share with others. I did not say it is right, its a proud feeling for a guy telling others how he was able to get a woman in his bed, or share the number of women they had sex with. This tends to boost moral and ameliorate their confidence amongst friends.

Some Women’s Hard to Get Nature: The second reason, which a man may kiss and tell, connects to the first. Concerning the subject of challenging, having sex with females holding firm to their virginity, or those who are stingy with sex. Well, that is as difficult as it gets. Once again, please do not shoot the messenger.

Traditionally speaking, virginity was the ideal position for both males and females. In other words, it was a common practice to remain pure until marriage.

However, though it is an ideal position for females, outside of religious circles, virginity is somewhat different, especially for males today. Male virgins are the butt of every joke. In fact, males and females often make fun or criticize, male virgins simply because they are virgins.

Talking about Kiss and tell after sex with a virgin or a stingy female, I have received complaints from guys who have chased a lady for 5 years and still got nothing to hold on to. In this case when the girl drops her pant eventually, it calls for celebration as the guy goes around telling people about how a 5 year drought ended.

Alcohol: People say, “Secrets are not for a drunk” When a guy gets High he talks lots of things without knowing. With this in mind, some will fabricate their sexual experience sessions, in order to remain disconnected from their high mode.

Peer Pressure: This is common with both male and female, especially when your friends notices a particular man or woman in your circle. Its natural they suspect something going on and this brings up questions like, are you guys dating? have you fucked her/him yet?. In this scenario, The victim is misconstruing the kiss and tell concept, because the only thing at play is the telling portion.

Now, the reasons Men Kiss and tell cannot be over emphasized but there is 100% possibility of a man or woman not getting involved with this act. This reason can be

Love: Most people misunderstands the true meaning of love. Love simply means making someone’s life as priority as yours. or slightly above yours. in this case you don’t wanna do anything that condemns their image or hurt their feelings. The affair between the both of you is yours to keep alone.

Marriage: Having an affair with a married man demands utmost secrecy, because its trouble when the information gets to the wrong hands. Or a married couple, you cant possibly be telling people about your sex life with your husband or wife, because they expect you should be having sex.

Individual Difference: Overall, the personality level will change upon maturing, or the moment he enters into a committed relationship depending on the mans integrity. Some men don’t like talking about their personal life no matter how hard you push them, some men have Trust Issues sharing their sexual experience with others. It simply depends on individual difference.

So Ladies, Saying all men are the say is a wrong expression because you cannot have all you want in a guy. You cannot always wait for the right guy to come your way but you can train the wrong guy to become right. There is a good number of guys out there who don’t kiss and tell.

Thanks for your Time, Hope you find this helpful.

From Alexander.

Published by Chibuike Onuh