Sunset Grill in Kitsilano is your new BF for Fall (Bar Friend). Featuring a convenient patio out front, and offering the laid-back West Coast Vibe, that we all know and love, it’s the only place in Vancouver where you can get a mimosa with brunch!

Vancouver Leisure Treat-Deet:

You can have brunch on the patio, from 9am until 11am, and if you’ve never tried a mimosa before, there’s your reason to go check it out.

It’s also your reason to start drinking in the am. – just don’t do it on the regular. The people here are good, the neighborhood is lively, and the Leisurly activities to partake in are endless (I mean drinks). They are so good, I’ll give you all the specials, out first:


We are talking about 16 different kinds of Craft Beer. I don’t drink beer, so don’t ask me to name them all; They have a full list on their website, and I am sure you can do a good job of sampling from the menu. However, the star of the show is the whiskey – yep, they’re known for it. If you don’t drink Whiskey, you might be thinking: Quest que cést le big idea? Well, my friends, in case you didn’t know, whiskey, literally translated, means “water of life.” So, here ya go – Sunset Grill satiates you with the water of life from 10 different places:







-Blends (not the Coffee Shop)




Ok, so some of those don’t fall under the heading of places, but you get the gist. And if you’re indulging in this many different kinds of wobbly waters, you probably wouldn’t notice, anyway. For a sunny good atmosphere, good nachos, good drinks and good whiskey, Sunset Grill is the place to be for a leisurely day. It also has a sports lounge and live music, so there are all kinds of things going on here to keep you entertained. It’s a feel good place to be.

Socializing on the patio will make you feel good, and it’s healthy too. The patio at Sunset, as the name implies, gets lots of sunshine, and sunshine is good for your mood. While the rain in Vancouver can sometimes put a damper on things, when the sun is out, we should take full advantage! Did you know that there is a condition known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), that causes less than optimal moods? It’s true; those most at risk for low moods during the rainy days are women and Eskimos – so be careful, if you fall into one of these two categories – double whammy if you’re a Feskimo (that’s a female Eskimo). So it is of the utmost importance to get out in the beautiful, summer, smog-free ozone, and Vancouver sun, and soak up the mood boosting rays. And get some vitamin D too, while you’re at it! Because that’s also a benefit of sunshine that’s good for your mood.

You can even choose your drinks wisely to get full mood-boosting benefits - Go ahead, get as much as you can out of it. For example, try cocktails blended with grapefruit juice (easy though, it affects the metabolism of alcohol), lemon, orange or double Ylang (a.k.a. Ylang Ylang) - just for a high one. Nobody knows what that is, but it might be good for a laugh.

So laugh, drink and dine, just don’t cross the line. Sunset grill is a fun, friendly, Irish Pub, that’s psychologically good for you, so it gets a full 5 clovers.

A Double Shot of Lesiure, Drink-Shrink.

It's your lucky day!

Published by Jennica B.