Kiva Ivy is an established name in the Baner side of town. Part of the Kiva brand, they are known for their beers and finger food.

With Bira and Gateway Brewery on tap, they have quite a few options to go with your plates. As the name suggests, Kiva provides a very good ambiance and helps you to rejuvenate your sense and keep you spirited.

So when Pomelo Social calls you for an exclusive tasting here, you do not refuse [He made us an offer we could not refuse - #TheBTeamExclusive!!]


Sampled the Bira Blonde, Bira White, Kiva Apple Cider, Kiva Dark Wheat and German Wheat however preferred the bitterish Dark Wheat beer. The German Wheat is their blonde variant.


Hot and Spicy Martini [Rs. 330] – Chili infused vodka with pomelo [another member of the citrus fruit family], ginger and lime shaken and served in salt rimmed martini glass. Perfect punch of the chili with the potency of the vodka makes this a must-have drink here. #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Rositini [Rs. 330] – Made with vodka, litchi, rose and lime shaken and served in a martini glass, this one tasted more like a rooh-afza for me with the flavor of litchi hardly coming through however the other bloggers did seem to like it.

Drunken Archers Envy [Rs. 300] – A shaken delight of Kiwi Vodka with peach schnapps served on ice, this was the winner of the night for me. Perfect blend of the kiwi and peach flavors and the generous pour of the vodka meant two drinks and you fancy yourself as the archer in the name. ;-) #DeadlyPotent #HighlyRecommended

Classic Mojito [Rs. 300] – White rum on ice, muddled with lime, fresh mint and sugar with no mixers used meant this was one organic mojito. Decent taste to it.

Puka Punch [Rs. 375] – Served in a tall mug, this had gin, brandy, dark rum, white rum, orange, pineapple, lime, passion fruit, honey and house made falernum. With this wide a variety of alcohols mixed together with the fruit juices, this one promises to be the KO punch. Pukka se. ;-)

Apple and Hazelnut Martini [Rs. 330] – This had fresh apple shaken with whisky and flavored with hazelnut. In most cases, the appletini I have had have always hit all the right spots for me so was quite looking forward to this variant as well. However was disappointed as the flavor of hazelnut didn’t quite get along with the appletini. #MyOpinion


Crispy Corn Chili Pepper [Rs. 225] – Crispy fried American corn tossed with black pepper, bell peppers and garlic. Good crispness to the corn and the bell peppers provided a nice flavor addition to the dish.

Oregano Cheese Sticks [Rs. 250] – Oregano and cheese filled sticks, deep fried and served with BBQ sauce. The sticks had a nice crispy coating and I could get the essence of the oregano in every bite. #DeliciousDelicious

Cheese Burst Kebab [Rs. 350] – A Chef’s specialty of tender chicken kebab stuffed with cheese and delicate flavorings. Such soft and tender kebabs, oozing with molten cheese, I did not even realize it was chicken for a while. Absolutely and literally melt-in-your-mouth. Unanimously the best dish of the evening!!! #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Pudina Paneer Tikka [Rs. 300] – This was pot roasted cottage cheese flavored with mint and Indian spices. However the marination was uneven and paneer was dry and chewy. Promptly gave feedback to the captain who promised to pass it along to the chef.

Crostini Platter [Rs. 250] – This was supposed to be toasted French bread topped with creamed mushroom, aubergines, olives and roasted balsamic peppers. The bread was not toasted however the topping tasted delish!

Maple Sticky Buffalo Wings [Rs. 320] – Mapley sweet and spicy chicken wings. Expectedly sweet maple coating, appropriately sticky, perfectly cooked wings. ‘Nuf said. #DeliciousDelicious


Cottage Cheese Steak with Mustard Veloute [Rs. 350] – These were slices of cottage cheese with the gravy stuffed in between. A reasonably well presented dish, however the stuffing and the mashed potatoes were over salty. The paneer was decent and we could get the genteel flavors of the mustard in it.


Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream – A typical dessert of a chunk of brownie with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on a sizzling hot plate. Nothing great to write about.

Kiva Ivy is an established name in town, well known for their brews. And having large TV screens on all walls streaming various sports certainly ups the appeal of the place. So head on over to have a chilled times with friends.

A big shout out to Sasha Anand for inviting us and Chef Piyush Mandal and Team Kiva for hosting us.

Kiva Ivy is located at Baner.

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event.

This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.

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