I’m convinced that the world has a problem with spelling.

Okay, I will admit it; I have a problem with spelling.  Try as I might the sight of an incorrectly spelt word irks me.  Misuse a homophone and for me it is like nails being driven down a blackboard.  I’m no spelling genius.  In fact, I don’t believe that there are many people on this planet that can claim this title.  As a general rule though, my spelling is acceptable, mostly accurate and I have a fairly good command of the spellchecking program.  Where spelling is concerned, I am old school.   I always have a dictionary (yes a hard copy version) alongside me when I write.

I make mistakes.  Apparently I committed a grossly indecent one the other day when I misspelt the name of a sports car, a Maserati, in a text message (I added an e at the end).  It would seem that this was an offense so severe it was observed as sacrilege by the recipient.  Give me strength!  Day in day out I am burdened with common and basic misuse of words.  Never mind how to spell the name of a sports car, the average person can no longer identify the correct place to use ‘to, too or two’ or (heaven forbid) get their head around when to use ‘there, they’re and their.’

Teachers spend a great deal of time teaching our children how to spell.  They give them lists of words each Monday to be learned in preparedness for their Friday spelling tests.  It always amazes me that these same teachers seem surprised when little Johnny has somehow forgotten how to spell a word he learned in his test a few weeks prior.  Perhaps they should spend this time getting them to read instead.

It is not just this that bugs me.  Why is it that my spellchecker program automatically reverts to US English? In schools we have given up asking students to use UK English.  Anything goes.   Facebook has now installed a spellchecking program in its system.  It has lead to a vast improvement in the use of language (although you can forget homophones).  Evidently I can’t seem to spell anymore.  The system doesn’t recognise UK English and if this can be changed I have no idea how to do it.

Perhaps we do need to be more flexible when it comes to spelling.  Perhaps we just need to appreciate that the globalisation of the planet will ultimately lead to the extinction of UK English.  Irrespective of this reality I am not quite ready to surrender my S’s and replace them with Z’s just yet.

***My dear friends in bloggersphere; feel free to identify all my spelling errors.  I make mistakes and typos on a regular basis.  Just be sure that you are using a UK/Australian Dictionary before you contact me.***

Published by Tanya Welden