Our body comprises two continuous ongoing chemical mechanisms, i.e., Anabolism and Catabolism that combine to give the term ‘Metabolism.' Very reasonably, let me tell you, though we haven’t apparent cure of aging, but, yes, we can diminish the effect of aging to a vast extent. In this post, you will learn about the things that assist you to combat the effects of aging and retain a healthy and glowing face or skin up to a long time in your life. What is Aging? You should know that aging is caused when catabolism (the process of breakdown) dominate anabolism (the process of building). Up to the age of approx. 30 years, a person retains higher anabolic rate but gradually it is replaced by catabolic phase, and symptom of aging starts to appear after 30-35 years. As people have distinct procedurals and therapies like Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which are quite efficient to ensure wrinkle-free fair and glowing skin and beat the anti-aging effect. So, before moving ahead with the blog, be known that – Ageing is nothing but a physical, physiological, mental alterations occurred after a certain age in a human life. This eventually impacts the functionality of human body subject to strength, memory, physical workout, and much more. Factors Accelerate Skin Ageing Below said are some common factors that speed up the skin aging and make multiple skin palette and wrinkles visible on your skin.

  • Consistent sun exposure causes skin burn carrying skin mottle; brown sun spots and extra dryness bring more wrinkles to appear.
  • Cold weather on account of skin dryness causes aging
  • Smoking causes vitamin C deficiency, which is crucial to retain the skin plump.
  • Use of alcohol and beverages cause the blood vessel to dilate leading reddened skin appearance and thus accelerate the skin wrinkles formation.
  • A lifestyle of extra comfort or sedentary life causing muscle weakens that hampers the matured blood cells production.
  • Free radicals – these are a byproduct of the mechanism of metabolism and impact of environmental factors. Ensuring the optimum level of antioxidant is effective to reduce its effects.

Therefore, these are some factors by means avoiding you can stop the fast rate of aging. Top Useful Tips To Stop Ageing No doubt that every among us likes to look smart and young every time even we know that we can’t stop our age. Yes, this is true, but here some practical tips for anti-aging are being given below. This ultimately assists you to prevent the effect of aging and retain a younger look.

  • Ginseng, Maca, and Rhodiola are the compounds, which elevates the body’s resistance power and features anti-stress properties and thus suppress the effect of aging.
  • Quit smoking; cigarette smoke damages the skin cells and accelerate sign of aging.
  • Regular exercise, monitoring cholesterol and blood pressure contribute to reducing aging as it strengthens the cardiovascular system, makes one slim and fit and tone up the body on the whole.
  • Yoga and Meditation slow down the aging effects by enhancing oxygen-rich blood to the entire body, tone up the muscles, regulate blood circulation, burning fat and aids in losing weight.
  • Sun exposure is amongst the responsible factor that produces aging spots, wrinkles and premature of skin. So, protect your skin from sun
  • Water kills aging So, drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated.
  • Green tea has an appreciating feedback for anti-aging by protecting your body from heart ailments, burning body fat, etc.
  • Use of natural cleansing elements tones up and glow the skin.
  • Proper skin care keeps your skin free from dead cells, dirt and pollution as well as eliminate the effects of the ultra-violate ray.
  • Rich intake of vitamin C, A, and E that is a rich good source of antioxidants and fight free radicals produced in the body.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetable, fish, which are a rich source of vitamins and minerals that ensure healthy skin.
  • To avoid aging you should avoid the food like – Sugar, Caffeine, Cheese, Smoking, Chocolate, junk and fast foods, alcohol, soy milk, red meat, processed, fried foods, etc.

Therefore, employment of these tips is good practice to reduce and eliminate the aging effect for the healthy and tight skin. Treatment For Skin Ageing Effects The condition like lack of exercise, anxiety, sun, and cold exposures, poor diet are some of the factors that cause skin aging. Some elements like lack of moisture, hot water or air exposure, impaired or reduced cell production causes premature skin aging. The clinical conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, etc. are also a factor that brings symptoms of aging at an early age. Following are some practices that can be treated as skin aging treatment –

  • Revitalize your skin at bedtime by massaging coconut oil and ghee as well as take adequate sleep.
  • Wear full sleeve outfits and cover your body skin as much possible to avoid the exposure of sunlight.
  • Use of sunglasses is useful to protect the skin around eyes.
  • Regular exercise, intake of vitamins and minerals supplement and balanced diet may help to beat aging.
  • You can consult a dermatologist or doctor, as I see people consult botox doctor in Woodland Hills, who suggest best remedies, therapies and other procedures to eliminate aging effects and ensure healthy, fair and glowing skin.

Final Thought Hopefully, this post will help you lot to comprehend the skin aging, its etiology and tips to prevent the aging. I hope that these tips discussed, techniques, and dos and don’ts, make this post as an adequate remedy. So, by implementing a little change in your lifestyle, it will be not a matter of stress to retain your younger look.

Published by Shubhi Gupta