Are you looking to have a polished concrete floor at your space? Epoxy floor coating gives the floor a different kind of look. It is perfect for those who want specialized finishes or a designer floor at their premise. You may be wondering what sort of material epoxy is. Epoxy is the clear resin having a great hardness on the surface. So, it performs the dual function of protecting the floor and also sealing it well. Concrete floor epoxy coating is slip-resistant, waterproof, hygienic and durable. You can opt for concrete epoxy coating if you want the floor to have high gloss finish.

Concrete floor epoxy coating has a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Epoxy coating may protect, seal and harden the concrete floor. It may also protect and seal floorboard surfaces. When used in the industrial and commercial settings, this floor coating adds to the durability of the floor. If you want to protect the floor surface from graffiti, you may use floor epoxy coating. The floor coating is hygienic as it  bears dust proof and waterproof quality.  As it creates a sort of food-grade floor surface, it is a popular choice in hospitals and clinics. This sort of coating is preferred in hotels or in the hospitality industry widely.  You can use epoxy coating in the kitchen and bathroom spaces for it paves the way for anti-slip and durable floor surfaces.

The Process of Epoxy Application

It is important to first prepare the surface on which epoxy will be applied. Epoxy coating may also cover the uneven surfaces. After being mixed on the site, the epoxy material is directly applied to the floor surface to create smooth surfaces. Within 20-24 hours, you may walk on the floor. But it all depends on the climatic condition. If the conditions are wet, it may take some time for the surface to set. If the epoxy coating is heavy-duty, it will take time for the coating to set. The time within which the coating will set on the floor also relies on the thickness of the coating and the mix. For the concrete floors, it is possible to ground the floor surface and reseal it. When it comes to the floor finish, it also depends on the surface below it. Since the epoxy resin is clear, it is sure to create glossy and attractive floors. When you choose the epoxy resin, semi-gloss and high gloss options are also available. As the surface tends to reflect light, the epoxy floor coating creates the sense of spaciousness. This kind of coating is best for workplaces.

Decorative Finishes in The Retail Unit

Concrete floor epoxy coating creates decorative floor finishes in the retail units. Commercial kitchens and restaurants are high traffic areas and polyprotic surface coats help to avoid bacteria build-up. Floor epoxy coating is a high-performance floor coating which also gives the opportunity to create decorative floors. You may customize the floors with dyes, stains and pigments. Epoxy floor coating is long lasting and has a potential to boost the decorative underlayment. If you maintain the floor surface, it may last for decades.

Add More Value to The Space

To add value to the garage space and create the high glossy finish, go for Concrete floor epoxy coating. It is easy to clean the floor surface using floor epoxy coating and even the maintenance is easy. You may use epoxy floor coating in your home, factory and the office space.

To increase the resale value of your home, garage space and retail space, use Concrete floor epoxy coating. The high-performance coating can simply transform your space. Epoxy coating is appealing and durable at the same time. The thick compound with plastic consistency or the epoxy floor coating may be used in the warehouses, showrooms, garages, hospitals and other areas.


Published by Zac Ferry