Introvert- someone who is shy, quiet and prefer to spend time alone rather than being often with others. Let’s understand who introverts really are. The person who is shy is an introvert? The person who is boring is an introvert? The person who is unsocial is an introvert? People who dislike others are called as an introvert? So, we have tons of doubts in our mind. Who is an introvert? How they look like, feel like; talk like we all want to know because after understanding to the fullest about introverts we are able to categories our self ’s; in which spectrum we stand in either introvert, extrovert or an ambivert. Let’s go through the article to find out the meaning of introvert to the core.

Who do we call an introvert?

Whenever we talk about introverts the first thing came into our mind is they are boring, friendless, alone, and some people also think they are human haters too.  This isn’t absolutely correct.  They don’t like to be in a large group it doesn’t mean they dislike people. Don’t confuse with misanthropist and introverts they are apart from each other. The person who hates humans is called as a misanthropist.

Are you an introvert?

The person who enjoys being alone, loneliness doesn’t kill them from inside, person who don’t like to be in spotlight, person who have few close friends, those person who are happy with themselves, person who don’t need others to light up their mood, person who know that who exactly they are, they know themselves to the deepest are an introverts.

Is an introvert a weakness?

Whenever we talk about weakness we compare it to with strengths. The introvert is not a weakness, introverts have imagination and rich inner worlds, they are most likely to access their innermost thoughts and creative ideas because they embrace solitude, they are capable of great focus .they can be quite observant of both environmental and social subtleties. The weakness we all have. Its depend on us, how we take it.

Love, being an introvert

An introvert is feeling like to me as a negative term, something bad which makes me different from others. People don’t like me, these all are the thoughts of a child grow as an introvert, but when I realize the real meaning of introvert, my perception has changed. Introversion is related to internal feelings and emotion. I began to love who I am, I discover new me, and I know the worth of being an introvert.  Now, I can proudly say I love being an introvert.

What do people think about an introvert?

What people think about introverts-they really don’t care. They chase only those who deserve applause. “God gives us two ears and one mouth “so, talks less and listens more. If you honestly like them, you have gained their friendship forever. They know specifically what they want to do in their life, what they exactly feel about someone or something. They have a quality of good decision making because they know themselves to the core “They judge less, observe more”. They are the constant learner,” They show the world who they are they do not wear a façade”.


Whoever you are either an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert. You don’t need to be feeling left out. These traits are not human-made, the day you born, you born as an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert. We all are humans first, we all have different thoughts, different body, different color, different culture, the different state of mind, we all known for who we are .we don’t need to copy someone we all have some qualities. We don’t have any right to judge others. We have to respect who we are and also accept it. If you enjoy being in a large group, someone being with alone and others satisfied by doing both it’s completely their choice. “Different people with the different mind”

Published by Ankit Maharishi