The fashion trends keep on changing and this time in 2019, it seems that the old fashion pieces are arriving back in trends. Fashionterest has brought this article to make you know what will be the fashion trends of men this year so that you can plan the attires properly for your next party. Let us have a look at them.


Suits are in trend since the day it came in limelight and even today they are considered a piece of high fashion trend. They are now worn with sneakers or bold colored tees to keep up with new men fashion trends. They are also available in trendy patterns and crazy cuts.

The suits are another trend that is making a major comeback on the men’s fashion runways. You can wear it for any special occasion such as a wedding reception, corporate meeting, and so on. You will look just elegant, professional, modern and beautiful in it for sure.

There are different colors also available in the suits, you can select the color that you like the most. Mostly, black and grey are the colors that are chosen frequently. You will really love seeing yourself in the suit outfit when you wear it.


Shirts will never fade away from the trends, they will always make the person like stylish, elegant and neat when they wear them. Many famous black male models just love to wear shirts in their day to day life. Though the bold patterns in the shirts have been washed away the other patterns will be still running till long.

See anyone on the street or on any occasion, they will be either in the shirt or in the t-shirt so there is no chance of the shirts getting out from the trends.

The design patterns of the shirts have changed over time and also they are available in as many patterns and as many colors to choose from.


Jackets are another fashion trend that is very popular in the winter especially. The day when you wish not to change your ordinary and dull t-shirt, you can wear this shiny, beautiful jacket over it for a perfect balance. There will be a lot of plenty of pockets in it where you can keep your stuff.

You might be thinking why the jackets are still in fashion, then let us inform you that people still love to wear them whenever they go out at night for a get-together with friends or evening hangout in the streets especially in the places where there is a lot of colds such as Europe, Russia, Canada, and the USA.


The loosely tailored trousers were very popular some years back and it looks like they are coming back with a vengeance for 2019. Many fashion designers are designing stylish, elegant and modern trousers to be showcased in the fashion weeks so it is possible that the trousers will be in the trend once again.

The main focus will be on the designing of the trousers, we have no clue how will be the design, we will get to know it very soon when the famous black male models do a ramp walk wearing them. The stripes are the peculiar design in men’s trousers and it is hoped that there will be some new modifications done in the designing part for some change. But, there is no doubt that wearing loosely tailored trousers provide us a good comfort whenever we go.

Footwear & Hats

Footwear has become more flexible, more comfortable, modern and simple with time and the popularity of the technical sneakers will always be there. The design of the sneakers is minimal and simplistic to give a decent look. However, if you want, you can easily get them customized for a fancier look with some extra penny.

Even if you are not much of a hat man, you have to be this year to look cool and elegant. Hats have attracted the attention of people and they are wearing them at casual parties and similar occasions.

So, these were the fashion trends for black male models that will be in trend this year. Make sure you opt for the perfect combination from above to look great!




Published by Zac Ferry