Greenwashing is prevalent. It's hard to discern what's really sustainable and eco-friendly in the present market place. This becomes vitally important if you are seeking to promote your green janitorial cleaning service; select safe and green janitorial supplies for the operation; or developing green janitorial specifications for the service providers. To help you there are several reputable and reliable certifications available to greatly help guide you.

Green certifications are not only a green colored label on the product. It's something that gives you confidence that the product has undergone rigorous, scientific based, analysis and evaluation so you realize you're using green janitorial supplies and chemicals that are safe for the planet and human health. Since we cannot (and likely do not need to) develop into a chemist, it is very important to leverage valid green certifications. In this manner you may be certain that the chemicals are in janitorial chemicals, especially in green cleaning products and green janitorial supplies are safe, nontoxic and sustainable for the environment. It's because of this that eco certification programs were developed and are closely followed. One of the oldest and most respected certification programs in the US is Green Seal.

Green Seal is specialized in safeguarding the surroundings and transforming the market by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and usage of environmentally responsible products and services. In fact their mission is to utilize science-based programs to enable consumers, purchasers and companies to make a more sustainable world. They provide a third-party review and certification for you.

What does a third-party review mean for your requirements? First, second, and third-party quantities of review define the amount of separation between the reviewer and the business whose product will be reviewed. That is especially important when certifications are involved. Most marketing claims, material data safety sheets (MSDS), and product specifications that are provided by the business are considered first-party declarations and haven't been independently tested or verified. Second-party review may be more credible because a trade association or outside consulting firm in the market is presenting a verification of the business claims for you. One concern about a second-party review will be the potential conflicts of interest (real or perceived). Whenever an independent third-party conducts the product testing and awards the certification the end-user, whether a residential or perhaps a commercial consumer, you could have the best level of confidence in the claims.

Green Seal is a third-party reviewer.Since 1989 they have provided independent, objective, science-based guidance to the market and to consumers. They are a (501(c)(3)) nonprofit organization that is funded from numerous sources, including contracts, grants, special projects, and revenue from certification and monitoring fees.

The Green Seal organization certifies everything from coffee filters to hotels. Standards that are issued to cover over 230 product and service categories. There are presently 8 standards for cleaning products for household and industrial / janitorial applications and 2 standards issued for cleaning services.


Published by Samantha Brown