Don’t let anyone ever make you feel inadequate…ever.


In a world where everything feels like a competition, even sometimes competing for someone else’s love, it’s easy to get down on yourself and forget how much true, intrinsic worth we all have. Often, we feel not good enough. You didn’t get the grade you thought you deserved and worked oh so hard for. You got second place in that race instead of first. You didn’t get a callback for a role. You didn’t feel like you were good enough for the person you were trying so hard to love. Inadequacy is the common denominator here. We feel like we aren’t good enough for X reasons. This, in turn, causes us to doubt ourselves. We begin to question what we did wrong in the first place and why it ended up a failure.  It times like this we must learn to see these missteps as something good instead of horrible.

There will always be critics. There will always be judges and bullies and people who are incapable of appreciating you for what makes you unique, even your flaws and your failures. The world is full of hateful naysayers. But here is what I have to say to that: good riddance. It takes a a great amount of courage to turn away from people who make you question your worth in the slightest. They are toxic. That it why it is so, so important to not let those kind of people infest your life with their hate and their incapability to truly see you. You must find people who enjoy and appreciate everything that makes you you so much so that you can’t even help but remember every day how much worth you have–even through failure and flaw. Those are the kind of people we must surround ourselves with.

Sometimes the perpetrator of making us feel so insufficient is no one other than ourselves. Our biggest bully sometimes, can in our minds.  It is the small voice inside our heads that punches and kicks us so harshly that can become our deadliest enemy. A fear develops for that voice in your head that is telling you you’re not good enough, pretty enough, or enough in general. It tears you down little by little. You look at yourself in the mirror and wonder why you tried so hard in the first place when you knew weren’t going to succeed. And eventually you are whittled down to nothing by that relentless critic in your head that has nothing but negativity to poison you in times of trial and failure. If we don’t stand up to that enemy, it is easy to lose your sense of worth and yourself altogether.

The most vital thing I can say now is simply to become so aware of your  individual worth and so confident of its strength that nobody (including yourself) could make you forget about it or question it. Be untroubled by failure or meaningless flaws, but treasure them instead. Do this because it means they make you human, and those flaws and failures sculpt you into the person you are destined to become.

So no, don’t ever let anyone make you feel inadequate ever. You must strive to come so accustomed to your worth that it radiates to everyone around you. Do this by recognizing what makes you unique and being proud of it. Your confidence will shine from it, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by good company and have a healthy and encouraging voice inside your head that says, “You are capable of all things.”

And you are.

Published by Amy Roach