Through heavy engineering, different types of machines have been invented by the humans, and cranes are one of them. Like we know, a crane is a machine used for lifting and moving huge objects from one place to the other. The power that these cranes can generate is humongous, and their presence has definitely made things simpler for us. Since these machines are quite heavy in terms of size and price, therefore most of the companies avail these machines on rental basis, rather than purchasing them.

There are many agencies that can provide you with cranes on a rental basis. But, before you hire one, it would be better to know a little about these huge machines along with their different types and purpose. So, let us talk about the types of cranes that are widely hired for various purposes. After knowing about them, you will be able to decide the one that suits your particular need.

Types of cranes you can hire

Mobile cranes- This is the most widely used cranes these days, and they feature a very simple design. Equipped with a telescopic boom, these cranes are based on a platform that can rotate easily in almost all directions. Levers or pulleys are used for raising the crane’s boom, and a hook is attached at the end for pulling things up. Owing to the mobility and portable size of these cranes, they are mainly used in the cities for a number of purposes.

These cranes usually feature caterpillar tracks or wheels for the purpose of mobility. In the market, you can easily come across numerous companies that provide these cranes on rental basis. You can use these cranes for earthmoving and demolition purpose as well. Truck-mounted is one of the variations of this crane type, and it comes equipped with outriggers, which provide a lot of stability to the entire machine.

Loader cranes- These cranes comprise of booms that are hydraulically powered. These booms are attached to the trailers, and they carry the goods. Since the booms come with the joints, therefore one can easily fold them up and save a lot of space. Some of the parts of these cranes are quite similar to that of the telescopic ones.

Floating cranes- These cranes are mainly used in the shipping industry. You often might have seen them in the television, and they are capable of lifting and moving heavy containers that are shipped from one port to the other. In addition, these cranes are also utilized for the construction of ports.

Tower cranes- Unlike the rest of the cranes mentioned above, this crane cannot be moved from one place to the other. These cranes are really tall in structure and hence the applications are limited to the construction of tall buildings. Their prime task is to haul objects to a great height, and this feature certainly adds more agility to the construction field.

How to choose a crane hiring company?

These are some of the major types of cranes that you can hire today. Now, in order to experience a hassle-free service, it is important to choose the right company. In this regard, you can keep in mind the below-mentioned tips:

  • Track record is the first thing you need to check. An experienced company in this regard can help you with all sorts of requirements. Plus, the company will be able to deal with any kind of complexities too.
  • The company should have different types of cranes in its list of offerings. In this way, you will not have to contact different companies for different cranes.
  • Finally, checking the online reviews and testimonials is vital in ensuring the quality of machines provided by the company. 

Published by Evan Javier