March isn't the first month. Yet this month hits the mark for a brand new start. A fresh new walk... A big leap of faith

It also means to walk forward or take a step. Whatever the dictionary may explain to you right now, one thing I can share to all of you is a date that will start a revolutionary opportunity for everyone who aspires to read, learn and reach their dreams in the future. Today, I’m here to share to you a short feature of that momentous occasion.

Last March 10, 2018 , Komikasi Games and Entertainment Inc. launches their first ever Sachet Novel’s featuring sixteen amazing stories with 27 amazing stories.

Let me quote you on what the komikasi envisions from this venture:

The art of Sachet

Philippines is a Sachet Society. We consume everything in small doses. We take things little at a time but that works to our advantage. Sachets may come in small packages but it also has a small cost. The sachet novels cost Php 10 for one story/book. Some stories come free. Each book is only 5mbs.

Now, how awesome could this get?

As awesome as you can imagine everything instant nowadays!

Stories accessable for everyone— even when stuck in a hell-ish carmagedon traffic!

What better way to enjoy your time than listening to awesome music or reading for that latter.

If you’re one proud owner of a cherry mobile phone or simply connected to the internet while you wait for the infernal traffic to pass by, then I offer you this amazing opportunity to grab these amazing stories and download it in your phone.

A variety of genre fiction to choose from, what more can you ask for?

Download these stories now!

And get ready to read the best stories you’ll ever encounter this year!





Published by Magsi Rover