Seven months ago Kylie Jenner released her much anticipated Kylie Lip Kits that sold out in under a minute. Her original three lip kits were 'Candy K', 'Dolce K', and 'True Brown K'. Her original formula was slightly different, after her first product launch she decided to change her formula. This is when the ColourPop Cosmetics controversy arose, but that topic is for a different blog post at a different time.

     Focusing specifically on the reformulated Kylie Lip Kits, I purchased the shades 'Koko K', 'Candy K', 'Exposed', and 'Dolce K'.


     When you receive your Kylie Lip Kits, they come securely packaged in a black box with her signature dripping motif. You also receive a small printed post card with her logo and a message from Kylie herself. The box the lip kits come in feel sturdy and they look chic yet simple. The front is decorated with her "dripping lip" logo with the drip color being the color of the lip kit you bought. The front also has her name and the description of the product. The sides of the boxes come colored in the color of lip kit you bought. On the back you will see Kylie's signature as well as her tips for application, ingredient information, as well as trademark and distribution information.

     The lip liner is packaged in a sleek matte black plastic pencil with a glossy black cap, as well as Kylie's signature and shade name. The end of the lip liner is also the color of the lip kit you bought. These lip liners do sharpen, make sure the pencil sharpener you use is sharp since they are plastic.

     The matte liquid lipstick is packaged in a heavy plastic tube that you can see the lip color through. It features a glossy black cap and her dripping motif, also her signature and product description. The shade name is located on the bottom of the tube by means of a sticker.





     The formulation of the Kylie Lip Kit lip liners is creamy and pigmented. They are soft and do not pull the lips upon application, but they are not too soft to the point that they break when attempting to apply. They do dry down within minutes of applying.

     The formulation of the Kylie Lip Kit matte liquid lipsticks are thin and watery, yet still creamy and pigmented. I have found that these lip kits last for a decent length of time(6 hours) before a touch-up could be necessary, depending on what you have consumed in that time period. They also sit comfortably on the lips and dry very quickly. None of the shades I own are streaky or patchy. They feature a strong vanilla frosting-like scent that dissipates once the liquid lipstick has dried down. I have experienced slight transfer with these, specifically around the outside of the lips, but its nothing thats concerning or intolerable. Both the matte liquid lipstick and lip liner have a shelf-life of 12 months before they should be thrown away.

     Overall the formula is good, but I would not say that they are the best. They are very comparable to a typical liquid lipstick. If you are sensitive to scents, I would not purchase these because they are very strongly scented. Otherwise if you are like me then it will be a bonus!

***These are limited on availability, that being said if you can't get your hands on them there are many other brands to be tried and tested.

***All shades are Vegan & Cruelty Free with the exception of 'Candy K' because of Carmine that is found in red colors/dyes. Info on Carmine ->


     The cost of the Kylie Lip Kits is $29.00. When you break it down you are essentially paying a little less than $15.00 for each product. This is comparable to many brand prices and I believe that this is a reasonable price point for this product, especially because you are paying for Kylie Jenner's name. Before they released, I was expecting a higher price tag for these lip kits because her name is attached to this brand. Those of us who are Kylie Jenner fans know that these lip products are a big deal and we may feel the need to purchase every shade of every product she puts out. My advice to the consumer who has a tighter budget would be to only buy the shades you know you will wear.

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Color Swatches:

'Koko K': "...a pale, pinky nude."- Kylie Cosmetics

'Candy K': "...a soft, warm nude."- Kylie Cosmetics

'Exposed': "...a light, cool toned nude."- Kylie Cosmetics

'Dolce K': "...a medium, beige nude."- Kylie Cosmetics


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