Move over! Kylie's been rocking the beauty industry lately by launching "Kylie Cosmetics". I'm sure it's one of the perfect kits for your lips, it comes with a lip liner + liquid lipstick. I finally got a chance to own 4 on the 2nd release; Mary Jo K, Dolce K, Candy K & True Brown K. Posie K and Koko K sold out within minutes! Too bad, I wanna try it so badly maybe I'll get it on the next release.


You know when a celebrity does beauty products the expectation were high, It's like their products are equal to their standards & guess what King Kylie didn't disappoint us! She doesn't just stick her name to this product, She's very hands-on I must say, Packaging and quality of the lip kit are worth the penny!


Candy K is a warm nude shade with a creamy texture, It applies evenly on lips on its first coat same as with all the colors I've got and as everyone's says feels like you don't have anything at all&  it's true but from time to time you'll feel your lips gets a little tighter because it's matte what do you expect and I swear when she said  matte she's not kidding! You know other brands claim they're matte but they aren't.


And one plus point to this lip kit is the smell, You know I love to use lip products with good scent- imagine butterscotch, Yea that's the smell and to make the real test with the lip kits, of course! I need to eat and drink with it. It stayed for like a couple of hours and you know surprisingly you don't need to reapply every time because it doesn't transfer to anything that touches your lips.



After an afternoon walk, I decided to take it off- I grabbed some wet wipes and it's pretty sticky I must say, I need to rubbed it to get it off completely.

Overall, I'm giving Kylie's a 9.5 out of 10 because I need a bigger container haha Great Job Kylie! You deserved to be sold out every time but please make it easier for us, Be available everywhere!!

Published by Nina Menguito