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Colour correcting has quickly become the newest trend to go around on youtube and this concealer in itself has made its mark. As, I believe, this concealer is not sold in stores in England, I ordered it from eBay from a genuine supplier for £2.85 (If you were wondering about shipping, it came in two days). I wanted to order 5 shades: 3 regular ones for spot concealing, highlighting and contouring, and a green and orange for colour correcting. Deciding against purchasing 5 at once without me trying the product out first, I just purchased the green one as my skin doesn’t really have that many blemishes (touch wood) and just has a few bits of redness between my eyebrows and on my jawline. People swear by this concealer so I wanted to try it our myself.

The packaging is a little frustrating as it is a squeeze tube with a brush tip which means it can be easy to deposit lots of product on the face accidentally. I would’ve preferred a tube (like lip gloss packaging) as I feel like I would get more control on the amount of product coming out of the tube. The colour of the concealer is a soft mint green which I feel like would be more suitable to fairer skin tones or maybe under places you highlight (eg, forehead, cheeks). However, I feel like the softer colour means that it doesn’t correct much and could be a pain to use when correcting sore spots.Today, I didn’t feel like I needed concealer and I really didn’t want anything heavy on my face so I just opted to put this straight onto moisturised skin. I didn’t apply a lot in case I couldn’t cover it up and so I could blend out the edges easily. I blended it with my fingers as I felt that best suited the purpose and it seemed to blend out fairly easily. The formula feels quite thick but very lightweight on the skin. Personally, I feel like this didn’t cover my redness very well but I'm leaving that down to the fact that I didn’t apply that much product. The longevity of the concealer is amazing and lasted very well. It looked exactly like it did this morning (10 hours earlier) and it made my foundation last longer as well.

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I would still like to try the other shades to cream contour etc as I feel like those would be more pigmented. This product is okay and for the price, you can’t beat it. I feel like the actual concealers would be much better and I will be ordering some more soon.

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