This will be my first post theme mainly because it's a theme very close to my heart and one I really want to share with everyone. It was an adventure, an experience, a travel that I think every student should try to do it - either they be young or old. Something that can change life, shape people and broaden up horizents. 

I am, obsviously, talking about Erasmus.

My Erasmus life changed my whole life and I amd not being overdramatic or exaggerating. I honestly felt like a different person during that time. I had changed and I met people from all around the world (although 60% of my friends were mexican - it will be easier when I get the money to go visit them! - because, you know, I will be going to just one country). Either way, I had contact with a lot of new personalities and languages and costumes. It was weird in the beginning and I was somewhat lost - my "have-to-have-everything-planned-beforehand" personality at the time (it was extreme, trust me!) had given me enough survival skills that would be sure that I would not get completely lost - but I was still lost in some things.

I didn't know the best places to live in, I didn't know the cheapest places where to eat, I didn't know exactly how to move around in the city (it's always harder when you go to a city five times bigger than your own and you have no map or internet connection). So I suffered in my first day, but not in the ones that followed. Those are a different story altogether. I just needed a SIM card so I could get internet, the public transport card and I was free to go. In my third day, I was already a native to the place. Madrid wasn't much different than Lisbon, but it was indeed much bigger - I could easily get lost in its calles, with the exception of Gran Via, a place where I spent the first week enjoying sales season.

Either way, my Erasmus life was, to say the least, quite spetacular and I want to take you with me in the journey that that I took in the end of January in 2016! 

Hope to see you in the next one!

Bye bye!

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