This weekend, my husband and I took a trip to Lake Ariel in the Poconos of PA.  One of our friend's parents has a house in a place called The Hideout.  The Hideout is a gated community.  It has beaches, pools, tennis courts, a club house, a gift shop, pretty much anything you'd want a weekend getaway to have.  We had been there once over last winter when it wasn't too cold but going there in the summer is a completely different environment.  

The beach/lake area we went to was gorgeous.  You could swim in the lake or enjoy the baby pool with your children, jet ski, paddle board, was full of people having fun with different activities.  I usually don't like swimming far out into the ocean because I'll feel seaweed on my legs and it freaks me out.  But this was free of debris and I wasn't afraid of being attacked my any sharks, jellyfish, etc.  I had never been swimming in a lake before but it was extremely refreshing since it was so hot that day.  When I wasn't in the water, I spent most of the time under an umbrella hoping not to burn.

Besides the lake, what I really enjoyed is being out in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  We saw deer and turkeys.  They mostly just walked around looking at you like this was a normal thing for them.  

There was a fantastic farm stand we visited twice- Ritter's Farm Market.  They had homemade slushies, donuts and bakes goods, fruits, and veggies.  Their corn on the cob was probably the best I've ever had.  Organic, free from pesticides and GMOs, it was flavorful and sweet without adding much to it.  I'd definitely recommend them to everyone I know! Visit them here:

Overall we had a great time and enjoyed our time at Lake Ariel.  I would recommend it if you'd planning a trip to the Poconos!

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