After a very chill day (because ya know my life is so tough and strenuous out here everyday, not working and doing what I like) in Chiang Mai we decided to head to the capital of hipsters; Pai itself. Having heard a lot about Pai we were intrigued about what to expect. None of what we had heard prepared us. We were staying at Pai Circus Hostel (which FYI screwed up our booking and tried to tell us they didn't have space - I was having none of that) and I have never seen anything like it, I have no idea how to explain it. It wasn't so much the place but the people. They lived up to the stereotype of gap yah legends and then went further. It wasn't just the tie dye dresses, dreads, cornrows, tats, piercings it was their attitudes. It was all about feeling the positive energy man, good vibes, soul searching, being at one with the Earth and all that crap I can't deal with. I didn't know whether to burst out laughing in hysterics and cry because it was so stereotypical. It was just too funny all these directionless people, floating along as if this were normal behaviour. So yeah basically we totally didn't fit in but praise the Lord within two minutes we spotted three guys who we met in Sukhothai prancing about with scarfs in the circus yard quite blatantly taking the piss. We had friends. Hallelujah. 

The hostel itself was interesting as well. Bamboo dorms which shook as soon as anyone walked in. I was on the top bunk and thought own as going to die for 3 nights. The pool was an interesting colour. And the toilets a good 5 minutes walk away. We loved this place as you can imagine. 

So that night we went on with the guys for street food quickly leaving all the circus freaks behind to have their family meal (only so much crap I can put up with). And then proceeded to have a great night out hitting up the Hong Thong (Thai run - it's best hidden in a smoothie so ya can't taste it - life advice from Rhiannon) and Chang beer. 

We spent the next two days doing various activities. We went to Pai Canyon, visited some hot springs which sounds insane in 40 C heat but was actually surprisingly nice. It was really relaxing and almost made the outside air feel cool for once. We also visited the temple on the hill where there is a giant Buddha. I also unfortunately spent the two days in a various states of illness (no I did not have a two day hangover, a couple of hours yes but not 2 /3 days).  The dodgy belly has begun rock on the next 8 weeks. 

After three nights in Pai it was definitely time to move on, I needed a decent conversation with someone who didn't say man or dude 7 times in 1 sentence. 

Peace out duuuude it's time to feel the positive vibes in Chiang mai at Songkram. 

Published by Rhiannon Osborne - Tonner