Are a college student or even a fresh graduate and hunting for job but have absolutely no work experience? Or maybe you suddenly had an epiphany and want to switch jobs but have zero work experience in the field you want to change to? Either way we are here to list down some ways for you to find a job with no previous work experience.

Customize your resume for every job application

Even if you have no work experience you can always write down about the courses, projects you might have completed. Did a three month unpaid internship during the summer-break? Write that down. Everything counts as experience if you are smart about it. Helped organize an event at college? You can list that as “has experience in event management and organizing”. Another important point to remember is that your soft skills count as skills as well make sure to mention those on your resume as well.

If you are not sure how to start writing a resume you can always search for resume with no work experience college student and find samples that can help you get started.

Networking is Key!

Networking and have a social circle is a pivotal point of job searching. Don’t be shy in asking for help or advice from your peers, professors, even family and friends. Ask around if anyone can help you get a referral for your desired job or even if someone you know has heard of job openings at their work place. Some places provide their employees with significant bonuses if they hire someone into the company so try to cash on that policy, let’s be honest in that case you will also be doing your friend a favor in return for helping you out!

Contact companies that aren’t hiring

Found a job that you are just perfect for but sadly the company or organization isn’t hiring now? No worries! You always contact them, send in an email, a phone call. Drop in someday with your resume and make sure they know that you are interested in working for them and they are sure to give you a call once a position opens up.  If you are still in college and unsure on how to write a resume then you can seek help from your college career center and create a resume with no work experience college student.

Money isn’t important

Remember since you have no significant work experience, employers won’t be ready to pay you big bucks just yet, so try to be patient and start work at cheaper rates. If you start rejecting offers because they aren’t paying you enough then you are going to suffer. Gaining work experience should be your first priority. Especially if you are still in college, gaining work experience will help finding jobs after graduating much easier. Moreover in the longer run if you are good at your job and things work out in your favor your pay scale is sure to increase.



Published by Qais Ahmadi