The land of mystifying midnight sun & Aurora Borealis, Lapland is like a faraway dreamland. So, if you’ve chosen to begin your married life in this trance like the place, then there’s no stopping the budding romance and bonding amidst its aesthetic natural beauty.

However, if you’re from the tropics, then you might be unaware of the temperature fluctuations. And no, simply packing woollen wear won’t suffice; you need to be exactly careful as to what to pack to keep warm in the biting cold.

Besides, as the Norwegians say, the weather isn’t bad, what’s bad is your choice of clothing. So here, goes –

Your Lapland packing checklist!

  1. Attire

A. The upper layer

While most of you may think, it’s okay to wear cotton underneath the layers of woollen garments; Cotton is a big NO! Instead, go for thermal tee shirts for your first layer of clothing.

These aren’t too soft or too thick and will keep your base adequate warmed. Now, when temperatures fall below -7 to -30 degrees, wear thermal lycra shirts to keep out the air. This will keep you nice and warm.

However, naturally, that’s not all! The 3rd layer of clothing should include fleece tops or woollen turtlenecks. On top of this comes the final layer! For this choose a waterproof jacket made of polyester, fur or fleece to add adequate warmth.

B. The bottoms

The first layer of your pants requires to be thermal, for the second layer, since you’ll be doing tours it’s wise to opt for polyester leggings, lycra or fleece stockings, on top. These materials stick to your body eliminating the biting cold. For extra warmth, go for denim above these to keep warm & comfortable

PS- if you have a husky sleigh ride planned then go for waterproof pants or ski pants; otherwise lycra is a good choice.

  1. Accessories or in this case necessities

A. Gloves are a must!

Trust this; you do not want frostbite! Hence, first wear thin mittens or fleece gloves. For the second layer of go for thick waterproof snow gloves to prevent any chance of cold seeping in.

B. The correct shoes!

Unless you have proper shoes at your disposal, your or your husband won’t be able to experience the entire Arctic escapade properly. Hence, for your shoes, go for boots with fleece lining and make sure they are snow insulated ones.

Rubber and leather boots are the preferred choices.

[Note: For socks as mentioned no cotton, instead, go for synthetic or thermal socks for adequate warmth.]

C. Beanies or cute hats

According to science, one loses 20% of the body hear through the head. Hence, to stay warm, do not think of going to the Artic without a woollen hat with flaps, or ear muffs. When the temperature keeps dropping it’s wise to pack a balaclava too!

Well, there goes the attires, now use waterproof suitcases and cross bags, to pack these essentials. Also, carry proper scarves, toiletries and hand-warmers in case of ultimate comfort.

So, now that you know your Lapland packing checklist build the budding romance with your husband and enjoy in the pristine white wilderness that Lapland offers!

Published by Rosie Joy