I dreamt about her last night. 


I thought she was my soul mate.

Our connection was very different compared to other people.

She was kind, humble and sweet. She cared about me. She was my best friend.

But I was attracted to her. 

I was attracted to her smile, the way she talked to me and how I felt when she was near me. I was attracted to her tattooed body.

She was a tom-boy.

She was dressed in khaki trousers and a white sweat-shirt, underneath it, she wore a black long t-shirt with white converse shoes. Her hair was braided in cornrows and she had a snap-back hat on.

I saw her through my bed room window, walking towards my house.

She had invited me for a dinner date then a night out at a concert with a musician she loved. 

As the taxi arrived to my front porch. She holds my hand and whispers to me, ‘You looking lovely, beautiful’.

I smiled back as I felt my heart sink.

She opened the door for me, we walked towards the taxi as she held me on my waist. I could feel her warm hands on my skin. It gave me chills.

I was dressed in a short black dress that showed a bare back with red converse shoes on, holding a black clutch bag under my armpits with my black jacket in my hands. My make up was simple with purple lipstick. 

She allowed me to enter the taxi first and she followed. 

“You clean up good. You look very nice in that dress”. She said as she leaned towards my face. One hand brushing softly on my back and the other on my thighs. My heart pounded so fast. Then I felt her lips on my lips.

“Doreen, Doreen’, I heard My Dad Calling. “Wake-up, its 6:00am. You know am to travel today. The taxi is waiting. Open the doors for me.” 

“Damn it!” My thoughts.



Published by Doreen Eshinali