What's up guys it's Dallas and I'm back again, probably sooner than you expected!

So it's two in the morning and this is the second night in a row that I haven't been able to sleep. I've tried everything, deep breathing, melatonin, relaxation techniques, even counting sheep. I have nights like these every once in a while where no matter what I try, I just can't sleep. Usually I lay in bed until the early hours of the morning when I finally drift into unconsciousness only to be awoken ten minutes later to get up and go to class. Sometimes I watch YouTube videos or listen to music but tonight I felt a strong urge to get up and write, so here we are.

​There's a lot of things going on in my life right now. We have a new president. I'm halfway through my first semester at college. I'm getting my braces off in a couple of days. Probably a lot more things that I can't think of because it's two in the morning and I should be asleep. My body is exhausted but my mind won't shut up. It's nights like these where I have some deep freaking thoughts that might seem small and maybe stupid to you, but I spend a lot of time thinking them, probably more time than necessary. So...here's a glimpse into my mind right now and some of those late night thoughts.

​What will it be like when I graduate college? Will I stick to just a four year degree or will I keep going in my education? If I lay here and zone out I can start thinking of some random crap. Ypsilanti is so loud compared to my hometown. Oh, there goes the train again, just like every other night at this time. Why is Justin Bieber playing on my 'Summer Hits of the 2000s Radio'? I wonder what it's like to have a boyfriend. Did I take my vitamins today? Why does my throat hurt, I better not be getting sick. I can't wait to be able to travel the world.

Never forget that time we went to Chicago and I got to see Jake Miller in concert. And when I met JoJo when I was like six. And the Austin Mahone concert. And the two For King and Country concerts. The two Big Time Rush concerts. The few Matt Maher concerts. The Jack and Jack concert. That was fun. Next time they go on tour I want to get meet and greets for my sister and I. She'd be so happy to meet them.

I can't wait for the day I have a family of my own. And a dog. Is it wrong to want a dog slightly more than children? I wonder if I've met my future husband yet.​​ I wonder if it's that cute guy down the hall. I wonder if my high school crush thinks about me. I wonder if he liked me back at any point. Some of my crushes in high school are embarrassing. Love is weird. I wonder if I'll ever have the confidence to ask a guy out. I mean I can't wait for a boy to make the first move forever. Maybe tomorrow I'll talk to the cute boy down the hall. LOL just kidding I probably won't.

​Jesse McCartney has a really beautiful voice. And a beautiful soul. Ha. Get it? Cuz of the song? Oh god I really need sleep. Did I shower today? Ugh my hair is suffocating me I should chop it all off again. No, I shouldn't I hated short hair. I'm hungry. Is it wrong to get out of bed to get a snack? Are two a.m. snacks a thing? Jimmy Johns sounds so good right now. So does pizza. Maybe I'll get pizza for lunch tomorrow.

​Remember that episode of Phineas and Ferb when Doctor Doofenshmirtz cheated on Perry the Platypus with Peter the Panda? That was so dramatic. Awe, I miss that show. I should watch it on Netflix...OH MY GOD WHY AM I NOT WATCHING NETFLIX RIGHT NOW?! The Fosters is really good. Mariana is kind of a crybaby though. But Jake T. Austin is totally heart eye emoji. Did I just say that? No I thought it but whatever.

​If I skip creative writing class tomorrow would it be the end of the world? It's my only class of the day....I could stay in bed all day.....I could watch Netflix all day.....no I need to go to class. I can't believe that kid STILL doesn't know my name even though we're practically neighbors and we have worked together in class twice. How can you not remember my name? It kind of sticks out.

​Why must Pandora have ads? So obnoxious, I just want to listen to my music. Ooh, I should play Disney music. Good idea Dallas. Great, a song from Tarzan that I actually know. I love Disney music. And Tarzan. 'You'll be in my heart, yes you'll be in my heart. From this day on, now and forever more. You'll be in my heart....' I love that movie. I should watch that movie tomorrow.

​Okay, let's check Twitter. Ugh, everything is about the election. What about Instagram? No one's posting at this hour because it's now two thirty in the morning. Let's stalk Jake Miller. Oh great, he's in New York. Ooh, Kevin Smart....his girlfriend is so pretty. Why do all the cute famous guys have girlfriends? Austin has Katya. Sammy Wilk has Stassie. Spencer has Madison whatever her last name is...are they even dating because I've only saw like two pictures of them....I can't wait to meet Spencer in December.

​'Go on and kiss the girl....." No but for real, why is Ariel's hair so red? It's unnaturally red. But Prince Eric is cute, you know for a cartoon. Jeez I have a crush on a Disney character. I really need a boyfriend. So that I have someone to watch Disney movies with...all the time....actually, I think my life would be so busy if I had a boyfriend. Would that be a bad thing?

​What if when I meet Spencer Sutherland in December he falls in love with me? Just kidding that probably won't happen. But a girl can dream. I mean he DID tweet me that one time and said he loved me....that's a sign I think. What would it be like to date a famous person? I'd probably get to travel a lot. But I also probably wouldn't see them very much. And there are lots of other girls who would love him, whoever he is. It'd be like a never ending competition with those fangirls.....

​What did I learn in math class today? Did we learn anything? God I hate that class so much. I hate creative writing too. Who'd have thought I'd hate my writing class but love my speech class? College is weird man. Should I wear my pajamas to class tomorrow so I'm comfortable for the nap I take after class? I can't wait to take a nap after class.

​*Yawn* am I actually tired or am I going to get in bed just to be staring at the ceiling and listening to music for three hours? I probably should at least try to sleep....since I didn't last night.....


​Okay guys it's getting late and I really should get to sleep since I have class in the early hour of eleven in the morning. I will talk to you later...? After I get some sleep in me and am not delusional? Bye!

​-xxx, dallas

Published by Dallas Gomez