Sad to say, unpleasant events are not that rare in our life.  Sometimes, I like to think of my day before going to bed. I think whether I have worked hard enough, have achieved my goals; have spent enough time with my family, etc. Often, I like to think about things I should have done differently.

Last night I was thinking of a rude waiter that I encountered at a restaurant. A friend of mine invited me for lunch and insisted on paying the whole check.  ’47 euro’ the waiter showed us the bill. A friend of mine gave him 60 euro accidentally. ‘That’s too much. Here is your 10 euro back’ noticed he. ‘Bye!’

He left carrying the dirty dishes.

I did not say anything to him. I was quite shocked. ‘And what about the rest of the change?’ I have always thought it is up to a customer to decide whether he/she would like to leave a tip. Apparently it is not anymore. We did not get any service at the restaurant that day. The food was not that impressive and overpriced. The waiters did not notice us until we called them.

I do encounter rudeness often; nevertheless I cannot adjust myself to dealing with it.

I have ‘late regrets’. So I would like to call them. Late at night, before going to bed I imagine I have taught a lesson to a rude person I met during the day. I wish I did not keep silence, but did something. I cannot understand why people do not see themselves that you shall not litter, shall not be too loud at night, shall respects others, and so on. When my neighbors are loud, I wait for them to turn the music down, because I believe they know what is the appropriate way to behave in a society.  Very often, I suffer because I keep quiet. My life would be easier if I reproached people around me sometimes. Strangely, I still do not feel like doing it.

I do it in my head all over again, but in reality, offensive behavior shocks me and leaves me speechless for some seconds. If only I could say something back to those who offended me...

One time it did happen, though. Funny, I still remember this episode. A stranger made an offensive comment about a female friend of mine on a street and I did fight back with my words. Why was I so brave? The answer is: probably because I wanted to defend someone else, but not myself.  

I praise and envy those who can protect themselves against unreasonable attacks and criticism.  Most likely, those individuals do not have ‘late regrets’.  Is not it wonderful to teach a bully a good lesson and forget about it instead of playing the same scenario of ‘what if…’ in your head?!

Meanwhile, I hope that politeness will not disappear and people like me will have fewer reasons to think of the unpleasant past events caused by others before going to bed.


Published by Ivy