The Tashkent Files based on real-life facts is a work of fiction with cinematic freedom. Though some people are saying that the movie is dubious, the movie seeks to get the truth related to the mysterious demise of India’s former Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri, who passed away on 11 January 1966. As a citizen of India, you must know the truth behind his death. At least the film tries to make the audience ask questions.  Let us read this article to find out more.

Courtroom drama and inquiry commission

Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, the movie has its simplicity. Besides a short epilogue and set-up, most of the film has been shot within the confines of the walls of an inquiry commission; the ambiance is similar to a jury room. It is a courtroom drama and tries to solve the mystery of the PM’s death.

There are many speculations relating to Shastri’s demise, and there is no doubt about the same. The film tries to dig into the country’s past and questions the motives of the then government.

We will not spoil the mystery surrounding the death of Shastri, and therefore not narrate the story and the climax. That is for the audience to figure out if they plan to watch the movie at the nearest theatres.

The film digs out the sour political history of the country

The film seeks to dig out the sour Indian political history and throwing sarcasm at India’s democracy and education system. The director makes the audience guilty, as opens a Pandora’s Box to reveal everything that we are not aware of for so many years. Where is the justice surrounding Shastri’s death and the mystery shrouding his last hours?

The last hours of the film that mentions about the Mitrokhin Archives have never been verified or proved till date. The plot, dialogues, and narration are very manipulative and yet clever. There is no doubt about the same. More thrilling movies are releasing this week. Therefore, if you want to get the latest Bollywood news, gossip, and film reviews, you must stay tuned to the right channels and platforms this April.

The film of personality conflict, tension

The tension is build up well in the film between characters when there is a personality conflict. Everything mattered in the film, including dialogues, tussle, mystery, suspense, and body language. The tension was building up despite the lack of any action scenes like usual Bollywood movies.

When it comes to performance, Mithun Chakraborty, Pallavi Joshi, and Naseeruddin Shah make a mark. Both Pallavi and Naseeruddin are veteran actors and talented to the extreme. Naseeruddin played the role of the lead politician and a mastermind to perfection. There is no doubt about the same. Vinay Pathak also did well with his role as Mukhtar.

Lacks visual brilliance

The visuals of the film were not brilliant. The film is well researched and has pace and potent in telling a story.


Do you like suspenseful political dramas? If yes, then you must give The Tashkent Files some credit. Watch at the nearest theatre. 

Published by Christina Woodard