The casual wear fashion trends this year are very drastic. You can make your own rules, then bend and even break them and go back all over again. In other words, from new opaque dress to the brightest color palette to stripes and even florals, everything is in vogue for you as the bride’s mother.

So be a part of these tempting iterations and give an interesting twist to your wardrobe with the following ideas.

Power of Pink
Pink and all of the most shocking shades of this gorgeous hue are trending right now. You can get a demure dress in this color without frill, prints or any detailing, just the power of this color will make you look flattering. However, if you are more of a stick-to-the-usual-grey-black-combos kind of person, then you can pair pink to your favorite colors to look and feel fresh.

Florals are the new groundbreaking trend this year with designers going full throttle by making their models wear florals from head to toe (footwear included). So update your wardrobe by adding this colorful and refreshing trend to it.

Mix and Match
The designers have introduced a very non-standard arrangement of clothes this year on the runway, which means you can mix and match anything and get going. It may seem a bit daunting to layer up prints and textures as the mother of bride, but it is the most wearable trend. For instance, set jeans with some motif tee and a jacket and accessorize a bit to get the ultimate chic look.

Semi-Opaque Dresses
This new trend of the semi-opaque dresses is a risky one, but it makes you look the prettiest. The trick to successfully pull off this dress is how you wear it and what you wear it with. The best formula to support this look in the real-life is to layer it over jeans and a tee or any other clothing of your choice.

Minimalistic Fashion
If your motto is “less is more” then minimalistic fashion is the right choice for you. This fashion holds its attraction in the subtle details that make even the simplest item seem most exciting. The main idea revolves around simple throw-on pieces that aren't simple at all to design and produce with detailing such as micro-pleats, fine pleats, ultra-luxe fabric, and special consideration to volume, shape, and color. So join this gang if you love being simple yet elegant and classy.

Stripes are back in fashion this year as the fashion week dedicated a whole section to it where almost every designer showcased this trend in their way. There are plenty of patterns and styles available in the market for the stripe lovers which can be bought to get all striped from head to toe and follow this latest trend.
So, with the help of these latest casual wear trends, you can glamorize yourself since you need to be noticed while shopping as the mother of the bride.

Published by Mudassar Ali