'9 authors
9 stories
to make you laugh your head off again and again!

A scary shower + three twisty little pigs + a choose your own adventure + a Halloween chicken + a demonic clown + an unexpected gift + terrible twins + a famous dancing dog + a running race like no other = one hilarious book.'

This book is a great book for young readers. Given that there are nine different stories, you can pick a story at will and read it. I loved this aspect of the book. I think young readers will love being able to pick any story that they want and jump in.

I have mixed feelings about the actual stories in this book. Some were funny and engaging, whilst others just didn't capture my interest. The fact that these stories were short and easy to read was a blessing when it came to certain chapters.

As an adult reader, I had the ability to stick with the stories that weren't very engaging but I'm unsure if young readers will be able to do the same. I can see some of these stories being read many times, whilst others get passed over.

I think the premise of this book is fantastic, but overall for me, it just missed the mark. I can still see it being popular with young readers and their families, but I feel it had so much more potential that just didn't get met.

Laugh Your Head Off Again And Again by Various Authors is out now.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker