Being single, and trying to patiently wait for my "Boaz," I've read through the book of Ruth three or four times now, picking up something new each time. But, it wasn't until this last time through, that I started to find humor in some of the situations Ruth and Boaz end up in. I've taken these silly situations, and pulled out a few dating tips for when you're trying to find the guy or gal God has set aside for you. So, here we go! 


Tip number one: Keep yourself in the right field. 

   You might think God has you in a really strange place right now, but I promise you, He has you exactly where you're supposed to be! Look at Ruth, He had her working in a hot grain field with mostly men, picking up what they left behind. Did she complain? Nope, not once! Instead she was rewarded for her faithfulness and given an abundant amount of grain to take home to Naomi. 

In other words, if God has called you to a church, or sent you out into the Mission Field to do His work, I can promise you, you won't find your Boaz hanging out at the bar, or joining handfuls of online dating sites. 

*Find God's match for you, on Christian Mingle* 

Um, if finding "God's match for me" requires me to pay $40 a month, then I'm going to be single forever, because I'm not paying to find a man. Sorry!

Remain in the "field" God has placed you in, and God will do the rest!


Tip number two: Sneaking into someone's bed at night, is not the way to get a man! 

  I giggled as I read through the plan Naomi had for Ruth to get time alone with Boaz. Essentially it was for Ruth to dress really nicely, wear her favorite perfume, and go to the party where Boaz was going to be. But, don't let him see you until he has eaten plenty and had one or two too many glasses of wine. Then, and only then, watch where he lies down to sleep, crawl in bed with him at his feet, and whisper something like, "psssst, hey dude! i'm single, and you should marry me." 

Ladies, that is not the way to get a man. In fact, I'm pretty sure pulling a stunt like that would probably get you some jail time, or at least a restraining order, ha! It may have worked for Ruth, but it probably won't work for you! So just be patient. 


Alright Boaz, this one is for you!

Tip number three: If you like her, tell her, don't fool around!

I love that after Ruth put herself through all of the crazy situations Naomi thought up, Naomi makes the comment in the last verse of chapter three:

Naomi said, "Sit back and relax, my dear daughter, until we find out how things turn out; that man isn't going to fool around." 

Men, if you like a lady in your life, pray for the strength and the right words to let her know! Don't just leave her guessing. If she's the right one, God will make sure you know! 

Lastly: Fight for her 

Just because there was someone else before Boaz in the redemption line, he didn't let that stop him! He approached the first in line, gave him (almost) all of the details of what he would be getting, and as soon as he agreed to redeem the land, and Naomi's family name, Boaz throws a curve ball. 

"Oh, you'll redeem it? But wait! There's more!" 

"You do realize, don't you, that not only do you get the land, but there's a chick that comes along with it, annnnd, I kinda sorta like her." 

The first in line then comes back with, "no deal! The land, and Ruth, are yours. Here's my shoe!"


In the end, there are some humorous, but also some serious take-aways from Ruth and Boaz. 

*Cling to God like Ruth did to Naomi, never leaving her side, and remaining faithful to her through everything. 

*God will make sure you're exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there. 

*Not everything comes easy. Ruth worked in a grain field with a bunch of men, in the heat, before her patience and faithfulness were rewarded. 

*Be patient, and God will bless you more than you can ever imagine, but in His own time. 

*Finally, your Ruth or Boaz might be much closer than you realize! 


Published by Mandi Sams